Castle Board Game Café
Castle Board Game Café

We are Castle Board Game Café

A café in Toronto.

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  • 454 Spadina Street ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M5T2G8

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Toronto's Newest Board Game Café!

Castle Board Game Café

454 Spadina Street, Toronto, M5T2G8

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The recently opened Castle Board Game Café at College and Spadina is continuing the competitive and social atmosphere that Snakes & Lattes perfected. However, if you have zero patience to wait for a table then walk east and grab a streetcar south to the former. While the selection is not as vast as Snakes & Lattes, there is still a wide variety to choose from – and most are guaranteed to invoke nostalgic feelings such as Operation, Candyland, Risk, and Mad Gab. If you’re just planning to stay for a quick game before continuing on your way, the nice thing about Castle Board Game Café is that it only charges an hourly rate of $2.50 (waved if you’re not playing). This helps to not start and see a game of Monopoly through – we’ve all been there before, five hours later. If you want to be wowed by food however, don’t hold your breath. It’s a recently opened establishment so they’re sure to add more menu items in the future but for now, it’s a nice addition to the Toronto board game cafés.

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