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A shoe store in Toronto.

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  • 69 Yorkville Avenue ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M5R1B8

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Capsule is one of the few remaining premium sneaker boutiques known for carrying unique sneakers, located in the heart of Yorkville shopping district in Toronto. Though to get to this point, the story of Capsule can be traced all the way back to 2003. In 2003, Capsule first opened its doors as a relatively small store in the outskirt of Toronto in First Markham Place. Its main goal was to cater to those who wanted exclusive sneakers that were hard to come by and to those who wanted to stand out of the crowd.

In 2005, Capsule relocated from First Markham Place to Yorkville, a popular shopping destination in downtown Toronto. Initially the store started out with a handful of brands, however as time went by it was able to add many new exclusive clothing and sneaker brands. With these new additions the store’s clientele grew rapidly as well.

Presently, Capsule has become a popular spot for people looking to buy unique footwear. With brands such as Nike, Air Jordan, Converse, Vans, and New Balance, there are more than 250 different styles of footwear in the store. Limited edition sneakers that are released from these brands are also something that Capsule is known to carry. As well as limited sneakers, there are also many shoes with different purposes ranging from comfort to running to seasonal. With new releases every week, the store is also able to keep their inventory relevant without becoming stale. In addition, with many different type of sneakers, Capsule is definitely worth the trip because customers who walk in are usually bound to find something they like. So with that in mind, Capsule is evolving everyday in order to provide the customers with better service, more range of sneakers and better store in general.


69 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, M5R1B8

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Yorkville’s Capsule calls itself a sneaker “boutique” and carries unique limited sneakers by Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Vans, New Balance, and Converse. This is the place to go if you’re looking for some Cons no one else has, although you might want to check online to see which sizes and designs are in stock.

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