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Boomerang Pilates

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A pilates studio in Toronto.

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  • 240 Roncesvalles Avenue ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6R1L3

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what makes us great

Boomerang is a pilates studio offering classes and private machine instruction. Our small class sizes and experienced teachers make Boomerang an ideal studio for your movement eduation.

Pilates is a method of movement that concentrates on alignment and balance while building strength, mobility and length in the body. Most people tend to move with strong surface muscles and weak deep postural support muscles, leading to faulty movement patterns, aches, and injuries. Pilates works to integrate the internal and external muscle structures, allowing for optimal function, postural re-patterning and a strong, supported spine. The emphasis on the core muscles of the torso (the abdominal, back and hip groups) and conscious use of breath allow the exercises to progress smoothly as you learn to connect to the deep muscles. As posture and body awareness improve, so does the ability to work from the smaller muscles that surround the joints. We often hear that beginner pilates seems so easy that it can't be a good work out. In fact, pilates gets harder and harder as you improve. As your body changes and your skills increase, your ability to work with precision will change the nature of each exercise. There is no plateau in pilates!

Pilates can be done in both group classes or private sessions. At Boomerang we offer a variety of mat classes for different levels and involving small props for additional challenge. Private sessions typically include work on the machines, and can also be used to design your own personally tailored mat work out for home. If you are new to pilates, it can be useful to have a private session first, so your instructor can assess your particular needs before you join the group environment.

PIiates can be successfully used for rehabilitation after an injury or post pregnancy, to serve as a safe environment to begin or continue an exercise program, to enhance athletic abilities and simply to have fun with a new way of moving. Good posture, strength, mobility, endurance and grace are all fantastic benefits of the Pilates way!

Boomerang Pilates

240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, M6R1L3


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