Bikram Yoga Vancouver
Bikram Yoga Vancouver

We are Bikram Yoga Vancouver

A pilates studio in Vancouver.

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  • 22 - 555 12th Avenue West,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5Z3X7

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what makes us great

Bikram Yoga is the single best form of yoga for the achievement and maintenance of perfect health, a perfect body, and a sharp mind.

It is an intelligently designed series of 26 postures, which gives the entire body a complete 90-minute workout. It works the entire body from the inside out, from the micro to macro level, using every system of the body. It stretches and strengthens every single muscle, ligament and joint in the body.

The sequence is designed so that every posture warms up the muscles and joints needed for the next posture, in addition to working the organs, glands, and nervous system in a systematic and profound way.

The Bikram series has the deepest impact on the body's insides and functioning. It is a challenging, exciting and vigorous series, and it gets the best results of any kind of yoga practiced today.

Bikram Yoga Vancouver

22 - 555 12th Avenue, Vancouver, V5Z3X7


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