Bikram Yoga (Forest Hill)
Bikram Yoga (Forest Hill)

We are Bikram Yoga (Forest Hill)

A yoga studio in Toronto.

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  • 1059 Eglinton Avenue West,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M6C2C9

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what makes us great

Built in 2008, Bikram Yoga Forest Hill uses state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems to create the ideal environment for your Bikram yoga practice.

Thanks to our air exchange system, BYFH yogis practice in a studio packed with fresh oxygenated air. The system pumps clean, outdoor air into the studio while flushing stale air out. Radiant heating panels in the studio ceiling heat the room to a toasty 40 degrees Celsius.

Wrap up your daily practice with our organic lavender-scented face cloths. A studio favorite, teachers slip a scented and chilled cloth into each yogi's hand during final savasana.

Our boutique rounds out your BYFH experience. You'll find what you need to support your Bikram yoga practice - Skakti active yoga wear, water, mats, towels and much more.

Bikram Yoga (Forest Hill)

1059 Eglinton Avenue, Toronto, M6C2C9


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