Bier Markt (Queensway)
Bier Markt (Queensway)

We are Bier Markt (Queensway)

A bar in Toronto.

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  • 199 North Queen Street ,
  • Toronto, Ontario,
  • M9C 1A7
(416) 862-7175

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what makes us great

 We believe Bier is beautiful. 

Or if we may be so bold, Bier is art – an expression of passion and dedication. From storing to pairing and pouring, each step is a labour of love deserving the highest level of care. 

We draw inspiration from Northern Europe - its culture, its passion for food and of course it’s dedication to the beautiful art of brewing. Following Belgium’s passion and unparalleled reputation for the finer things in life, we bring to you the ultimate dining experience; with knowledgeable staff guiding you through the art of pairing beer to complement your meal in an atmosphere that perfectly balances sociability with sophistication.

We welcome you to explore and discover a unique Bier and food experience that begins with over 150 Biers from over 30 countries perfectly paired with from scratch European cuisine and perfectly poured to the soundtrack of live music.


Bier Markt (Queensway)

199 North Queen Street, Toronto, M9C 1A7


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