Aussie Pie Guy
Aussie Pie Guy

We are Aussie Pie Guy

A food truck in Vancouver.

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  • 600 Hamilton Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V6B 2P1
(778) 991-7437

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what makes us great

Aussie Pie Guy began with a craving - a craving for a delicious Aussie pie. Matt Fitzhardinge, Linda Lowery and Kayleigh Lum had traveled/lived in Australia and fell in love with Aussie pies. Upon returning to Vancouver, they searched high and low for authentic Aussie pies and to their dismay, their search was unfounded…and then the light bulb turned on.

Partners Matt and Linda applied to the Vancouver street food vending program in 2012 and made it to the semi-finals. Kayleigh found Matt and Linda’s name in an article online while searching for an Aussie pie vendor in Vancouver. Kayleigh stalked Matt and Linda until they agreed to meet her for a beer (clever), they all agreed that they wanted to bring Aussie pies to Vancouver, and thus Aussie Pie Guy was born.

After months of working, planning (over more beers of course) and most importantly – taste testing – the enthusiastic trio applied to Vancouver’s 2013 Street Food Vending program. After much anticipation, Aussie Pie Guy was one of only 15 successful applications. Linda, Matt and Kayleigh celebrated…over beers.

Aussie Pie Guy can be found most of the time at W. Georgia and Hamilton Street or at festivals and events.

Aussie Pie Guy

600 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, V6B 2P1


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