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Alpine Start Outfitters

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A shopping centre in Vancouver.

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  • 68 W Broadway Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5Y 1P2
(604) 876-2555

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An “alpine start” is an efficient start to a long hike: efficient, meaning way before sunrise. The hiker must be equipped with the best performing gear before to ensure a safe trip up to the peak and back. Anything can greet you on the mountains from rain to blazing sunshine, frost to snow and ice.

Whether you are a veteran outdoor-enthusiast or just getting started on having a taste what the outdoors has to offer, here at Alpine Start Outfitters, we have a variety of clothing and quality equipment that will ensure you a safe trip. 

At Alpine Start Outfitters, we believe in working with nature, preserving the wilderness and simply enjoying the great outdoors. With the experts here at Alpine Start Outfitters, we’ll be happy to assist you with finding the right gear for your next trip. We look forward to seeing you at the store!

Alpine Start Outfitters

68 W Broadway Street, Vancouver, V5Y 1P2

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The Alpine Start Outfitters is located on West Broadway and prides itself on offering an outstanding selection of quality outdoor gear. If you’re planning any sort of adventure or trekking in the wilderness then this outdoor retailer is a great hub for finding appropriate apparel and accessories. This makes it no surprise that they’d be one of the authorized retailers in Vancouver to sell Canada Goose jackets. If the outerwear is for any sort of excursion then definitely go to Alpine Start Outfitters – you’re going to find everything you need in one spot with the help of knowledgeable employees.

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