Taj Mahal Du Vieux-Montreal
Taj Mahal Du Vieux-Montreal

We are Taj Mahal Du Vieux-Montreal

A restaurant in Montreal.

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  • 143 Saint Paul Street ,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • H2Y 1Z5
(514) 285-0076

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what makes us great

Restaurant Taj Mahal has 2 locations in Montreal, one on Sherbrooke Street West and the other on St. Paul Street in Old Montreal. Taj Mahal offers Indian Cuisine and Authentic Indian Food prepared with the freshest of ingredients. Our diverse menu features a wide range of cooking styles and dishes reflecting the various cuisines of the Indian sub-continent.

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If it’s an upscale atmosphere you’re looking for without sacrificing amazing Indian cuisine, Taj Mahal in Old Montreal offers exactly that with, of course, pricier menu items. The original Taj Mahal location on Sherbrooke Street West offers a cheaper selection and a more casual setting.

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