Restaurant Le Taj
Restaurant Le Taj

We are Restaurant Le Taj

A restaurant in Montreal.

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  • 2077 Stanley Street ,
  • Montreal, Quebec,
  • V3A 1R7
(514) 845-9015

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what makes us great

Recommended by Fodor's and Frommer's and highly praised by local food-critics, deeply entrenched in downtown Montreal for more than 2 decades, carefully staffed by people trained to treat every guest as a celebrity, and invitingly decorated with complex figures embedded in simple, modern lines.

Le Taj has a very visible tandoor (clay oven) around which you can see the chef prepare delights such as lamb chops, kebabs, garlic shrimps, chicken tikka and, of course, nan bread. A large number of our regular patrons make up a who's who and have been as loyal to us as we have been to them and to our classical recipes.
We also offer an inexpensive buffet at lunch, a veritable symphony of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

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Restaurant Le Taj has been around since 1985, perfecting their traditional Indian cuisine for o nearly three decades in the heart of Downtown Montreal. You can get stuffed on a budget with an extensive lunch buffet and inexpensive dishes prepared in their tandoor (traditional clay oven) which is viewable to all guests as they watch the chef do his thing.

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