Charleston Park
Charleston Park

We are Charleston Park

A park in Vancouver.

  • 999 Charleston Street ,
  • Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • V5Z 1B2

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Peaceful pathways wind through lush plantings and around a waterfall and pond, opening to striking views of the downtown shoreline. Whether passing through on the seawall or staying awhile to enjoy the park, Charleson is sure to make your day a bit more relaxing.

Note: The tennis courts are outside the park on the rooftop at 600 Moberly Road.

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The coolest thing about the off-leash area here is the waterfall pond, so if your dog loves water it’ll be all about it. Plus you’re just a short walk to and from both Olympic Village and Granville Island. The grass area is off-leash year-round, while the waterfall pond is only off-leash from May to October.

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