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1476  Cresent , Montreal

Offers upscale and chic restaurant, lounge, club and terrace.

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59  Sainte-Catherine Street East , Montreal

Like a cat, you could say the Metropolis has nine lives. Or even more! First used as a skating rink in 1884, then as a summer theatre the following year, it was severely damaged by fire at the turn of the century. Reconstructed as a theatre then as a movie theatre as of 1923, it again succumbed to flames in the early 30s. Renovated shortly after and decorated by Emmanuel Briffa, the interior designer to whom we owe the decoration for the Outremont Theatre, among others, the building's vocation returned to its first love, the theatre, before becoming a porn movie house in 1960. After closing its doors in 1981, it reopened six years later, this time as a disco. Following its acquisition by Équipe Spectra in 1997, the Metropolis has become one of our city's most loved concert venues, both by the public and by the numerous artists who have played there.

Located in the heart of downtown Montréal and able to accommodate up to 2300 spectators, the Metropolis has presented numerous major concerts including those of David Bowie, Beck, Les Rita Mitsouko, Greenday, The White Stripes, Björk, Bran Van 3000, Ben Harper, Nickelback, Coldplay, Corneille, Les Cowboys Fringants and Jean Leloupâ?¦ who holds the record for the venue's most appearances! On several occasions the popular television program, La Fureur, was also recorded there.

Though its primary vocation remains as a concert venue, the Metropolis slips on its comfortable old shoes from time to time to transform itself back into a discotheque or a reception hall for launches, corporate events and all manner of meetings. Directly adjoining is a small hall, the Savoy, which can accommodate 220 persons. In a setting reminiscent of the cabaret era, with its profuse chandeliers and intimate atmosphere, the Savoy lends itself to any kind of event. A unique feel, and a unique venue!

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Muzique Nightclub

3781  Boulevard Saint Laurent , Montreal

Opening its doors in the fall of 2009 Muzique has redefined velvet rope exclusivity, positioning itself as the flagship for all things fabulous in Montreal’s high-end party scene.

Having already been featured in New York Magazine as a must not miss destination in the North American party capital and hosting mega celebrities such as Tommy Lee, Vin Diesel, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Guns N Roses, Tiesto, Avicii, Laidback Luke, The Martinez Brothers, Cypress Hill and DJ Deadmau5. Muzique has quickly earned the reputation as a global hot spot.

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Stereo Nightclub

858  St Catherine St E Avenue , Montreal

Stereo Nightclub was established in 1998 and is located in heart of downtown Montreal. It operated as a bar, after hours and live music venue for up to 1000 people.

Stereo Nightclub is renowned for its unique and internationally famous sound system. It was originally upgraded and perfected by former Twilo sound tech Craig "shorty" Bernabeu. It is Canada's undisputed premier club brand, and one of the few remaining "hot spots" in North America.

The International media has been universal in acclaiming Montreal's Stereo as one of the best clubs in the world. In an interview with BBC's Radio One in 2000, Stereo monthly resident, and Grammy-Winner, David Morales proclaimed Stereo to be the closest modern equivalent to Larry Levan's legendary Paradise Garage (the Studio 54 of under ground night clubbing). Many other major international DJs such as Danny TEnaglia, Satoshi TOmile, Sander Kleinenburg, John Digweed, Roger SAnchez and Eric Morillo have been similarly impressed and named it the new Twilo. Stereo has become a crucial destination for night-clubbers and A-level talent throughout the globe.

Stereo Nightclub features an all-analogue system, including a vintage UREI mixer that recreates the classic vibe of the "Better Days" in a way digital never will. Shortly is also continually building new components and modifying the exsisting system. Stereo is always 'in progress'. The room itself is purpose-built for dancing: the inside walls are 3 feet away from the outer ones, custom-designed as a "box in a box" for studio-level acoustic perfection. The dance floor actually floats on shock absorbers to make sore legs from an all-night session less of a problem!

Stereo Nightclub, co-owned by House Music legend David Morales and party aficlonado Scott Lancaster, is quite simply, a shrine to electronic dance music that attracts DJs from around the world to play for the discerning Montreal crowd

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2108 Saint-Laurent Boulevard , in Downtown Montreal, Montreal

Tucked within Hotel10 in downtown Montreal, you will find Blvd44, Montreal’s most upscale and chic club experience to-date. Established in 2011, Blvd44 is the melding of fashion and sophistication into one unique night time escapade. A lavish escape from traditional nightlife, Blvd44 provides Montreal with a classy and modern space, perfect for entertaining both clients and friends. 

As the only venue of its kind in Montreal with a variety of VIP booth sections in the club, as well as on the terrace, Blvd44 promises a special and personalized night to enjoy luxurious VIP bottle service. And since Blvd44 strictly follows the tradition of European bottle service, patrons are served up scintillating drinks and cocktails in only the most exceptional and romantic fashion. Its unparalleled VIP service, effortless ambiance and supreme energy are why Blvd44 is guaranteed to impress any audience.

When not popping bottles, partygoers enjoy the best music and DJs from around the world. The dance floor teems with hot, sexy bodies gyrating to House, R&B, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Top 40 club anthems. Amidst heart pumping beats, a high-tech laser show rages enthusiastically over bobbing heads and swaying hips. Nowhere else will you forget the Canadian cold outside like you will among the sultry crowds at Blvd44. 

And these club kids come to party hard! Which is why patrons at Blvd44 take the adage “dress to impress” seriously. Wear ripped or baggy jeans, and you will not make the grade next to the upscale attire of Montreal’s club elite. The exclusive and high-end culture of this spot is why Blvd44 is certain to maintain its position as the most desirable cosmopolitan VIP club in Montreal. Let your next adventure out experiencing nightlife in Montreal include Blvd44 where class and sophistication meet and the party is unmatched.

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1106  de Maisonneuve , Montreal

Named « the hottest nightclub north of Havana », Copacabana is a sensual nightclub that continues to spread the Latino fever onto the Montreal scene since its opening in 1999. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Copacabana offers a tropical atmosphere to its clientele.

The nightclub attracts a multicultural clientele: both Latinos and Montrealers who want to have a good time and enjoy dancing to Latino music. Copacabana is the preferred destination of Latino stars passing through Montreal and exotic breathtaking bombshells.

The best Latin DJ in Montreal, DJ Mike aka “the Latin Soul”, together with DJ Tony Z., play back to back traditional South American rhythms and contemporary music genres. Copacabana offers a delirious blend of greatest hits in salsa, merengue, bachata, house, hip-hop and R&B. Copacabana is well known for its famous parties held on long weekend Sundays with Miss K and the League-A. Copacabana promises to enchant and coddle ears and eyes with its superior sound system, its video mixer diffused on over 10 TV screens as well as its magical lighting.

With its 3 large bars and its definitely urban decor, Copacabana is the place to enjoy oneself into the wee hours of the night. You will be welcomed by its professional and warm staff as well as an efficient security system and experienced security guards. Copacabana represents an authentic and unique concept, often imitated but never equaled.

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Montreal Nightclubs that are Editor-Approved and User-Voted

Montreal nightclubs gain most of their notoriety for three reasons: the 18+ legal drinking age, 3am last call and cheap drinks. This is Canada’s party heaven where mega-clubs pack raging dancers, international DJs can be found performing on any given night and inhibitions aren’t really a thing. It’s true there are a lot of nightclubs in Montreal.  If you want to find the ones most deserving of your visit, it’s best to do a bit of research to seek out the places where the atmosphere, music and crowd are perfect for your night out in the city.

This is why we don't include just any place in our Montreal nightclub listing.  Our editors curate all places listed on BLC so you can be assured you’re not getting some randomly-generated directory.  After we make our selection, all places are then voted by our users who decide which should be considered the top 10 in Montreal.

Crescent Street & Saint Laurent Nightclubs

Montreal has two major clubbing districts: Crescent Street on the west side of the downtown core and Saint Laurent Boulevard on the east. It’s these hotbeds of Montreal nightlife where the young and eager flood the streets on weekends to experience any of the wide variety of club events. But the city's nightlife certainly doesn’t begin and end with these two areas. Many of the top nightclubs can be found all over Montreal, especially if you’re looking to avoid the 18+ scene and seek a more mature experience. Browse our complete list for more options.


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Velvet - Speakeasy

426 St. Gabriel , Montreal

Inside the under-belly of a historic Montreal inn built in 1754, is a gorgeous stone-walled room. To get there, one must enter the Inn and then be escorted by a doorman towards the basement. After making your way down a long, dark, candle-lit corridor, you have arrived in what can only be called a parallel universe.

A thousand candles slowly drip their wax onto the floor. Thick smoke surrounds a hundred bodies entranced to the sounds of the music on the dancefloor. A woman in a provocatively tight leopard-print dress slowly moves her figure from side to side, while lounging on a Louis XV sofa. Two barmaids in quasi-identical dresses distribute drinks, cocktails and friendly smiles. One gets the impression of being in a clandestine yet trendy dive, a London speakeasy, or a prohibition-era New York bar.

Welcome to Velvet Speakeasy, a nightclub situated in the basement of the Auberge Saint-Gabriel in Old-Montreal.

Velvet rapidly imposed itself as THE trendiest nightclub in Montreal, a city internationally renown for its nightlife. The hottest fashionistas, hipsters, Djs, designers, artists, religiously flock every week along with trashy starlets, pretty boys with hair to make a woman jealous, and eccentric transvestites. Vertiginous high heels. Aggressive cleavage. Scandalous minis. Everything to make your experience insanely exciting, chic, and sexy.

The drinks menu, absolutely mind-blowing, participates in the club's reputation. One can find on it well-researched and unusual mixtures of hard liquor, spices, fine herbs and diverse fruits. An explosion of originality and quality.

But beware, one does not frequent Velvet to pretend stardom. The establishment has its base deeply-rooted in the city's best underground electronic music DJs, as well as with high caliber guest artists from around the Planet.

Once inside Velvet, you get a feeling that anything goes. You may even be surprised to realize that you actually have to leave at 3am...

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Le Complexe Sky

1474  Saint Catherine East , Montreal

SKY is the biggest Gay Club in Canada. With 4 floors of different styles of music, and a rooftop terrace with a pool and hot tub. Open 7 days a week.

Complexe sky was founded by M. Francois Tousignant, at the time, creating a unic ambiance for a gay clientele of all ages. Never had a complexe that big been put on it's feet for the community. Already sophisticated and trendy, sky was passed down to his nephew ,M. Sylvain Tousignant, who continued the expansion of the club by putting time and energy to satisfy the loyal customers of his establishment. The complexe was continuously engaging in a series of cultural, social and artistic events. 

Sky was and is also involved in health partnerships with the community through such groups as Divers cite, Sero zero and Equipe Gay Montreal Écoute.

In the year 2000, the complexe was sold to Mr Peter Sergakis. After the transaction, the complexe went under major renovations to reorganizing the different floors and the structure but mostly for the building of a brand new terrace on the roof top of the already impressing building. 

A pool, spa, mini restaurant and bars where installed in the goal of offering a different and inviting area for the gays and lesbians who wished to tan and refresh themselves in a sociable context. You also recognize the two restaurants that were installed on the ground floor known for their good taste and ambiance.Already known for its music and sound system of a unique quality, the expansion of the club is an ambitious project.

Complexe sky wishes to complete their agenda therefore offering the community and their friends a space where they can enjoy their favorite shows and Dj’s.

Complexe Sky is in a class of its own and is known internationally. It's virtually unthinkable to come to Montreal without visiting Complexe Sky.

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Club La Boom

1254  Stanley , Montreal

Divided into 4 intricately divided rooms, Club LA BOOM Montreal is a prime destination within Montreal clubs. Its four rooms offer something for everyone and gives you the choice of ambiance and vibe.

1Club, 2Floors, 5DJ's And 4 rooms, located at 1254 stanley in the heart of downtown Montreal and with 25 bartender to serve the 1500 partiers, Club la boom montreal is the ultimate party environment.

That is why we support Club LA BOOM Montreal. Because of its four separate and well thought out concepts, Each section with it's own decor and selected heart thumping music.


Silver room of Club LA BOOM Montreal:

The Silver Room is Club LA BOOM's largest room. It's much bigger than most Montreal clubs. 2 DJ's, 1 MC, it is the Ultimate Room. There's a stage, a VIP booth for large groups, 2 cocktail tables for bottle services.

Blue Room Of Club LA BOOM Montreal:

Dance floors surrounded by 3 bars, 3 VIP Booths can accommodate bottle services for up to 8 partiers.

Red Room Of Club LA BOOM Montreal:

Cocktail tables and a VIP booth for bottle services, the red room at Club LA BOOM as A Lounge with a chill dance floor.

White Room Of Club LA BOOM Montreal:

Elegance and style defines the white room. It features a long bar with a dance floor.


Silver room: House, Dance, RnB and Hip Hop

Blue & red room: RnB, Hip Hop and House

White room: Oldschool and euro mix.

Resident DJs:

Silver Room: DJ Maniak + DJ Square

Blue Room: DJ Midas + DJ Padanzal

White Room: Guest DJ

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