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Taverne Gaspar

89 Commune Street East , Montreal

Every night, drinks flow generously as our kitchen serves up fresh, pub-style cooking. The menu: soulful staples, original cocktails and friendly service in a classic tavern setting.

The space, originally a 19th-century warehouse, preserves much of its old-school furnishings but with a few novel kicks. And come summer, we welcome the warm weather with our big terrace on rue de la Commune.

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New City Gas

950  Rue Ottawa Avenue , Montreal

The description for New Gas City in Montreal is coming soon.

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Stereo Nightclub

858  St Catherine St E Avenue , Montreal

Stereo Nightclub was established in 1998 and is located in heart of downtown Montreal. It operated as a bar, after hours and live music venue for up to 1000 people.

Stereo Nightclub is renowned for its unique and internationally famous sound system. It was originally upgraded and perfected by former Twilo sound tech Craig "shorty" Bernabeu. It is Canada's undisputed premier club brand, and one of the few remaining "hot spots" in North America.

The International media has been universal in acclaiming Montreal's Stereo as one of the best clubs in the world. In an interview with BBC's Radio One in 2000, Stereo monthly resident, and Grammy-Winner, David Morales proclaimed Stereo to be the closest modern equivalent to Larry Levan's legendary Paradise Garage (the Studio 54 of under ground night clubbing). Many other major international DJs such as Danny TEnaglia, Satoshi TOmile, Sander Kleinenburg, John Digweed, Roger SAnchez and Eric Morillo have been similarly impressed and named it the new Twilo. Stereo has become a crucial destination for night-clubbers and A-level talent throughout the globe.

Stereo Nightclub features an all-analogue system, including a vintage UREI mixer that recreates the classic vibe of the "Better Days" in a way digital never will. Shortly is also continually building new components and modifying the exsisting system. Stereo is always 'in progress'. The room itself is purpose-built for dancing: the inside walls are 3 feet away from the outer ones, custom-designed as a "box in a box" for studio-level acoustic perfection. The dance floor actually floats on shock absorbers to make sore legs from an all-night session less of a problem!

Stereo Nightclub, co-owned by House Music legend David Morales and party aficlonado Scott Lancaster, is quite simply, a shrine to electronic dance music that attracts DJs from around the world to play for the discerning Montreal crowd

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Beach Club

701 38e Rue Pointe-Calumet , Montreal

The Beach Club is an outdoor venue with beaches, terraces, a swimming pool, bars, restaurants... a genuine Tropical Paradise that's just a short ride from home!

You can lie down and relax on our beaches or dance on our terraces where the greatest local and international DJs perform all summer-long.

You'll be stunned by our beautiful beaches and the wonderful place we have. Enjoy our picnic areas, our inflatable games, our pedal boats, our kayaks, a water trampoline and much more!

Experience a day under the sun at the Beach Club and you'll feel just as if you were on a beautiful Tropical beach!

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Club Soda

1225  St-Laurent , Montreal

For 30 years...



Club Soda, a true Montreal institution, witnessed over the last 30 years the evolution of Quebec, Canadian and international show business. In the early 1980’s, the late Guy Gosselin, along with filmmakers André Gagnon and Martin Després, had an idea of transforming a reception hall located on Parc Avenue into a new kind of cabaret. George Thurston, a.k.a. Boule Noire, was entrusted with the mission of inaugurating the hall during one week in October 1983. In February 1984, Club Soda forever changed the history of Quebec’s show business with the premiere of Lundi des Ha Ha animated by Ding et Dong.


Producers Michel Sabourin and Rubin Fogel, along with Martin Després, became owners of the cabaret. Club Soda quickly turned into a genuine melting pot of the modern entertainment industry. From Ding et Dong to Daniel Lemire, from Rock et Belles Oreilles to Michel Courtemanche, from Marjo to Richard Séguin, from Daniel Bélanger to France d’Amour, from Térez Montcalm to Lhasa de Sela, from Robert Charlebois to Michel Pagliaro, many of today’s artists made their successful debut at the Club Soda.


The venerable institution of Parc Avenue closed its doors for good on July 30, 1999. A few months later, Club Soda was revived and given a second life in a new location custom-designed by the renowned architect Luc Laporte. Inaugurated on March 21, 2000 by the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Louise Harel, Club Soda was converted at the cost of $ 3.5 million. The Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal contributed $ 1.6 million of that amount; the remainder was financed by Club Soda and its partner, the Fonds d'investissement de la culture et des communications (FICC).

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917  St-Catherine East , Montreal

2 Floors, 3 Rooms

Electro/Dark House/Hip Hop/Tribal/RnB

Jeudi: 20$

Vendredi: 25 $

Samedi: 30$

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Montreal Live Music Venues that are Editor-Approved and User-Voted

Montreal is a happening city no matter what night of the week.  If your routine means following music instead of following the news, BLC has got your back.  With plenty of tourism and lively local nightlife, the city plays host to a monstrous list of bands and artists all the time.  Because of this, we only curate the most popular Montreal music venues for our database, meaning your gig hunting instincts have just found a sidekick.  Put to a user-voting system, this list is compiled of the top spots currently voted by BLC users.

We won’t pretend to tell you the best places, we’ll let you choose those yourself.  Every vote on our curated list goes towards compiling the top 10 list you see here.  Browse, vote and experience the top live music venues Montreal has to offer.

Montreal Live Music Events to Dance, Mosh & Crowd Surf

There’s a lot of music action going down in Montreal and you don’t want to miss any of it.  You try to keep up, but sometimes the calendar in your phone gets ignored.  Be sure to keep in touch with all the latest music news by checking out our Montreal Live Music Events section and the event photos to see the best pictures from past gigs.


The Recognized Badge is like a medal of distinction. It means they've got a certain attribute that makes them stand out. Hover over the badge to see how a place made its mark.

Terrasse Bonsecour

364 de la Commune East (Old Port Of Montreal) , Montreal

Offering a spectacular view of the river and the city, reinvented cocktails, a fresh and appetizing tapas menu and the best DJ of the metropolis, Terrasses Bonsecours are a must in summer in Montreal. Classified as “preferred terraces in 2012″ by Metro News, Terrasses Bonsecours provide you with four floors of terraces and a experienced and caring team to meet all your needs for summer entertainment.

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Le Savoy

59  Sainte-Catherine Street East , Montreal

Le Savoy

Located inside the Métropolis, the Savoy is a cool little lounge, proposing a cosy and very warm atmosphere, and is equiped with a convenient sound and lighting system. The venue can be used as a concert venue, a VIP room, a meeting place, an audition or lauches facility. It is possible to rent the Savoy even if the Metropolis is occupied.

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Verre Bouteille

2112 Mont-Royal East , Montreal

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