Your Lollapalooza Survival Guide

Your Lollapalooza Survival Guide

You’ve got your Lollapalooza 2011 tickets. Now what?

Grant Park has been designated the annual host of Lollapalooza. While it seemed much easier when it came to your town, you’ve got to consider how you’re going to get there, where you’re going to sleep for the two or three nights (depending on how ballsy you are to drive home after a long day of sun and music).

If you haven’t called around for available hotels and the best rates, start doing so now. You don’t necessarily have to find the closest hotels to Grant Park – the Chicago Transit Authority offers both train and bus routes directly to Lollapalooza. The main entrance is at the middle of the park at Michigan and Congress and the north entrance can be found at Columbus and Monroe.

Check the CTA website to plan your route.

Alternatively, there are four underground parking lots directly under Grant Park. There will be no campsite for Lollapalooza 2011, and the official Lolla website isn’t saying much about the cost of parking, hours or the possibility of sleeping in your car for the entire weekend. At this point it’d be pretty safe to assume it’s not going to be allowed as security patrols all parking lots 24-hours.

If you’re staying for all three days, keep in mind you must leave and re-enter each time with your wristband. You may re-enter up to five times a day and your wristband will be scanned each time you enter throughout the day. It must remain on for the entire weekend and any that show signs of removal or tampering will not be permitted.

For any more Lollapalooza information, check here. If there’s anything not answered on the site, try contacting them directly.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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