Win Tickets for VELD, OVO as Day & Nite Magazine Launches Premier Issue


Everything you need to know about nightlife, daylife and living the high life, all in one compact digital magazine.

Did you catch the notification when you reached BLC today? We don’t like pop-ups either, but this one can snag you tickets to a few of the hottest festivals on the go. Day & Nite just launched its premier issue of their new digital magazine!

To celebrate the launch they're giving away tickets to OVO, Veld and other festivals. All you have to do is subscribe.

Day & Nite is a trendy entertainment magazine where you can keep up to date on the latest and greatest happening across the nation, including: festivals, drink trends, hip restaurants and clubs, entertainment calendars, music industry interviews, advice from top chefs and a whole lot more!

The Restaurant Recipes section for July features Valdez in Toronto.

Head on over to to check out the premier issue and spread the word to your friends. Follow the action on Twitter and Facebook.  And don’t forget to subscribe for your chance to win and to be first in line when issue #2 drops in August!

Brent Gladney
Brent Gladney

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