Where to Buy Converse in Vancouver

Looking for a cool store in Vancouver that carries a sweet selection of Converse?

There are a bunch of locations in and around the city that offer everything from super-discounted Converse shoes to super-expensive customs and limited editions.

Of course, if budget’s your biggest concern you can always pick up a few pairs in Chinatown. Plus big box retailers like Foot Locker and Champs usually have decent deals on Cons.

Otherwise, here’s a list of legit places to buy Converse in Vancouver.

Where to Buy Converse in Vancouver
  • Hitz Boutique

    316 Cordova Street , Vancouver

    Also located in Gastown, HITZ Boutique is a skate, surf and snowboard shop that carries a lot of limited edition Converse in Vancouver too. It’s not just a shoe store though, so their selection will vary depending on how recently they’ve updated their stock. HITZ also carries a lot of other shoe brands and clothing for men and women.

  • El Kartel

    1025 Robson Street , Vancouver

    El Kartel doesn’t specialize in shoes, but they carry clothing and accessories of all types including a decent selection of Converse shoes in Downtown Vancouver.

  • Livestock

    239 Abbott Street , Vancouver

    Livestock has two locations in Vancouver: The original location in Gastown and second shop on W. 4th Ave. Both carry a huge selection of shoes and clothing with a nice selection of Converse always in stock.

  • Zelen Shoes

    894 Granville Street , Vancouver

    Granville’s Zelen Shoes carries a giant selection of Converse as well as other brands including Dr. Martens and Vans with some pretty sweet deals to be found for certain shoes. This is the place to go for custom and unique Converse designs, located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

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