9 Montreal BBQ Restaurants So Good That You’ll Forget You’re a Horrible Person

9 Montreal BBQ Restaurants So Good That You’ll Forget You’re a Horrible Person

Poor animals. The poor, poor animals.

But as bad as I feel for them, sometimes nothing beats smearing your face ear-to-ear with barbeque sauce, eating some dead livestock, washing it down with some brews and pickin' your teeth afterwards.

There’s a lot of places to get amazing BBQ in Montreal – from American and true southern-style to Korean, Greek and good old Canadian barbecue that uses regional flavours for a truly unique Montreal barbecue experience.

No matter what your carnivorous preference, here’s a list of 9 amazing BBQ spots in Montreal. Just try to forget you’re eating Babe and all his friends. You big jerk.

9 Montreal BBQ Restaurants
  • Seoul Chako

    1824 St-Denis Street West , Montreal

    When it comes to Korean BBQ in Montreal, Seoul Chako is easily one of your best options. All you can friggin’ eat, kids. All you can friggin’ eat. Beef, lamb, chicken, ribs, sausage, fish, ox. If it ever had a pulse, you can eat it here with lots of seafood, deep fried goods, sushi and other options.

  • Hawgs

    6795 Jarry Street East , Montreal

    Hawgs has a full barbecue and grill menu that includes burgers, steaks, ribs, BBQ chicken, and more. And the best part is it’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can get your barbecue fix whenever the craving strikes.

  • New System Bar-B-Q

    3419 Notre Dame Street West , Montreal

    New System is great if you’re big on variety. It's primarily a Greek restaurant with a lot of different things other than the typical souvlaki, gyros and salads - not that they’re not amazing on their own. But there are also barbecue honey chicken, traditional pizzas, pasta, smoked meat sandwiches, subs, fish n’ chips, an poutine. Basically, this place is your diet’s worst enemy.

  • Diablos BBQ

    1693A St-Denis Street , Montreal

    Another southern-style restaurant is Diablos on Saint Denis which specializes in barbecued smoked beef, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and more. Sit indoors for a rustic lodge-like setting as a little Johnny Cash plays over your meal or be your carnivorous self on the outdoor terrace.

  • Icehouse

    51 Roy Street East , Montreal

    Icehouse is Nick’s second restaurant in Montreal. It opened in 2011 and is notably smaller than Kitchenette. But Icehouse sticks to more traditional Tex-Mex and Texas barbecue and if you’re looking for true southern-style barbecue in Montreal, this is the place to get it.

  • Le Boucan

    1886 Notre Dame Street , Montreal

    Le Boucan is a southern-style smokehouse in the heart of Little Burgandy that specializes in ribs, pulled pork and chicken. It boasts a true rustic smokehouse atmosphere to compliment mouth-watering meats cooked over a burning wood flame, also offering a complete selection of bourbons and whiskeys to complete the manliest of animal devouring experiences.

  • Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse

    17 Prince Arthur Street East , Montreal

    This place has been closed since January due to flooding, but good news! Their Facebook was just updated last week giving hope to fans of their authentic American barbecue smoked with maple wood, giving it a spectacular Quebec maple twist. They promise they’ll be back open soon with brand new additions to the menu as well as old favourites.

  • Kitchenette

    1353 Rene Levesque Boulevard , Montreal

    Brought to you by Houston-born Chef Nick Hodge, Kitchenette puts a regional spin on classic Texas barbecue and southern dishes. While not strictly barbecue, the chefs at Kitchenette grill mouthwatering steaks, spare ribs, brisket, fish and more.

  • Blackstrap BBQ

    4436 Wellington Street , Montreal

    Located in Verdun, Blackstrap BBQ is an authentic Memphis-style barbecue restaurant where everything is cooked low and slow and served hot. The gang’s all here: ribs, pork butts, brisket, turkey, chicken all rubbed in Blackstrap’s secret sauces. All meats are cooked indirectly over burning apple and oak for added smoky deliciousness.

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