Vancouver’s Patio Season Hotter Than Ever

Vancouver’s Patio Season Hotter Than Ever

Patio season is finally here and super-hot temperatures mean there are more places to drink and dine outdoors than ever.

The past five years have seen more than 20,000 new patio seats in the Greater Vancouver Regional District approved by the city, with about 80% of permits going to restaurants and the other 20% going to local bars.

The GVRD is now home to nearly 60,000 outdoor seats for your sunny drinking and dining pleasure, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to come by.

When the weather heats up and people say “Screw work,” it seems there still aren’t enough patios in the city to accommodate everyone ‘bout that good life. And because of the high demand, most establishments won’t take outdoor seating reservations either.

The key is simply getting there early, preparing to wait for up to an hour ‘til a spot becomes free, or simply lucking out.

Either way, more patios are always a good thing – not just for the public, but for restaurant and bar owners who say a patio can account for over 30% in additional income.

And they say global warming is a bad thing. Screw you, scientists.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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