Vancouver Food Cart Fest 2013 Wraps Up Sunday, Ending a Summer of Street Eats and Exhaust Fumes


This Sunday will be your last day to experience Vancouver Food Car Fest, which wraps up after a summer of serving Van City’s most amazing street food.

Every Sunday since June 23, the top food carts in Vancouver teamed up to show and prove at 215 West 1st Ave. , but the fat lady sings (or cries giant, salty tears) this September 22.

Over the course of the summer, thousands have flocked to sample the wares of more than 20 Vancouver food carts. This Sunday should see a massive turnout for the final day.

Bring an appetite and a bib. I know I will for some of my top reasons you should visit Vancouver Food Cart Fest 2013.

Johnny's Pops, a new cart launched in May 2013, comes to the Food Cart Fest regularly…and it's not even really a cart! Look for the converted bicycle to get yourself a homemade popsicle - try a berry concoction or maybe even a mojito! If popsicles aren't your thing, head along to The Juice Truck for some refreshing and hydrating treats. The Juice Truck cold-presses its fruit, retaining the natural flavours in the process.

When it comes to the ultimate man food, you don’t need to look further than Chili Tank, which is just as masculine as it sounds. The Chili Tank is an all-in-one construction that sells chili out of metal vats to hungry dudes (and probably the odd woman). It’s cooked over a log fire that burns with used coffee grounds, so not only is it manly, it’s environmentally conscious too. If beef and beans aren't for you, try the Aussie Pie Guy for handheld Australian meat pies so authentic you’ll be doing the, “That’s not a knife, this is a knife,” thing. It’s also a convenient choice if you're wandering around.

Holy Perogy makes some of the most unique pierogies Vancouver has to offer, and you can expect some weird and wonderful flavour pairings if you visit their cart. Two words: poutine pierogies! Poutine fucking pierogies, friends. The line is always long and the patrons are always satisfied at Holy Perogy, so go and check these guys out.

With the Vancouver Food Cart Festival 2013 coming to an end, this will be your last chance to head down, stuff your face and fill your belly with some of the finest international cuisine served by food carts from all over Vancouver.

The last event of the year is this Sunday from 12pm-5pm. Admission is $2 for one person and $5 for a family. Admission is free for Vancity members.

Sarah Freed