Vancouver Beer Festival: Canada Cup of Beer 2013

Vancouver Beer Festival: Canada Cup of Beer 2013

The Vancouver Craft Beer week came and went and maybe you swore to never drink again but alas, here we are planning for the Vancouver Beer Festival. Those local and import brews aren’t going to drink themselves. So just make sure to leave a bottle of water and an Advil on the nightstand as preparation for the Canada Cup of Beer festival.

Vancouver’s largest outdoor beer festival is taking place this July 13 at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby and features local craft beer and specialty imports. Doors open from 1pm until 7pm and the event in addition features live entertainment, beer pong and prizes, seminars, and of course food (after all, nothing goes better with a cold one). 

So far, the 2013 official brewers include Steamworks, El Jimador, Fernie, Deadfrog, Okanagon Springs, Howe Sound, Efes, Big Surf, Jack Daniels, Parallel 49, Cariboo, Molsons Wheat, Red Truck, and Catalina Wine Coolers. Tickets are now on sale and cost only $20 in advance.

Canada Cup of Beer 2013
Date: July 13
Place: Swangard Stadium at 3883 Imperial Street
Price: $20 advance, more information 
Time: 1pm – 7pm

For more information on the event or to purchase tickets be sure to visit the official website for Canada Cup of Beer.

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