Toronto Thursday Nightclub Guide to Starting Your Weekend Early

Thursday nightclub events in Toronto can have some serious perks when you can’t wait for the weekend to start partying.

It’s no wonder why so many people have decided that Thursday is the new Friday, especially when it can be a chance to avoid the hordes of partygoers who come from out of town to cause traffic, ram clubs to capacity and use Toronto as their public toilet.

Heading out on a Thirsty Thursday can have some benefits that you won't find on the weekend, and there are a lot of clubs, bars and lounges in Toronto hosting weekly events that attract people looking to write off their Fridays and nurse the hangover at work or school.

So if you just can't wait 'til Friday or want a bit of a different experience while clubbing in the city, here's a short rundown of just a few things that make it unique from other nights. And if you’re trying to convince someone to get off the couch and party this Thursday night in Toronto, share this post to let them know why to stop being such a party pooper.

Smaller Crowds

Yeah, you want a certain level of hype when it comes to clubbing. You’ll likely bounce if a club is dead, but overcrowding can completely kill the experience. No one wants to wait in line with a bleak outlook of getting in, being stuffed into the place like a Beijing train ride, or shoot off a flare gun to get the bartender's attention.

Because a typical Thursday night draws less people than on a Friday or Saturday, it’s perfect if you’re looking to avoid the frenzy of Toronto’s weekend club scene.

Smaller crowds mean shorter lines, more twerking room, and more personable service from the staff.

But you don’t necessarily need to worry about you and your friends being the only ones there either. Because there’s less of a crowd on Thursdays, fewer Toronto clubs are open in the city which means there’s a smaller selection of places for people to go.

More Locals

Because most people choose the weekend as the time to come to Toronto from outside of the city, the people actually living in it choose Thursday night as their time to head out and avoid the crowds.

You’ll find less tourists and 905ers and more of a local crowd of partygoers attending Thursday nightclub events in Toronto.

This is generally speaking, of course. If there’s a popular DJ or even a slight rumor of a celebrity performance, you can anticipate there will still be a crazy turnout of non-locals no matter what day of the week it is. So it always depends on the venue and the event being held, what big names may or may not be there, and how many people it will attract.

Oh, and if Friday happens to be a holiday, you can expect Thursday night to be a lot busier out there too as people come to the city to party.

Less Pricy

As a way to entice more people to actually come out on a Thursday night, a lot of venues need to create incentives to attract guests as opposed to turning them away at the door after filling to capacity on a Friday or Saturday. On a weekend certain places have the power to jack cover prices up and guests would still line up to get in.

But Thursdays are different. Depending on where you choose to go, you may be treated to things like free cover charges, cheap drinks and bottle specials which are some of the perks of clubbing on a Thursday in Toronto. 

Less Urgency

On weekends there tends to be the need to rush in order to get to the venue at a decent time in the hopes of nabbing a decent spot in line and getting in the door before it hits capacity.

On Thursdays you can be a bit more patient. Since there are generally less people out, a lot of clubs don’t even really get busy until after midnight anyway. So you can take a little extra time to get ready, head out and meet up with friends as opposed to the weekend when you're more likely to hurry up and wait in line.

So if you’re looking for a night that’s a little less filled with people, Thursday is an unofficial kickoff to the weekend with a bit of a calmer atmosphere. Plus with things like drink specials and cheaper cover it won’t be as expensive as a typical weekend rager.

Check our Toronto nightlife events section to find a Thursday nightclub party happening soon.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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