Things to do in Toronto for Halloween Without the Hefty Bar Tab

Toronto has a lot of attractions if you’re looking to get the crap scared out of you in time for Halloween without going to a local club or bar.

From haunted mazes to scary mansions and other attractions, there are lots of thing happening in and around the city.

Here are a few of ‘em.


Screemers is in its 19th year at the CNE and has a bunch of haunted houses as well as some carnie rides. This place is so scary the ghouls get a “pee bonus” if they scare you to the point of urination. No kidding.

Halloween Haunt

Just north of the city is Wonderland which has its annual Halloween Haunt if you can get up there. It’s pretty cool (but a tad pricy), with different haunted mazes and people in costume roaming through the park to scare the crap out of you.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is apparently haunted according to a bunch of people who say they’ve seen and heard ghosts in there. Haunted tours and ghost tracking events are held around Halloween time.

Fort York after Dark Lantern Tours

Check out Fort York after the sun goes down including the haunted lighthouse and the two military cemeteries. They’ve got old school lantern tours happening every Tuesday to Saturday now ‘til October 27th.

Muddy York Walking Tours

This is a two-hour haunted tour of Toronto starting at the Royal Ontario Museum and finishing up at Osgoode Hall, which is apparently one of the most haunted buildings in the city.

Powerhouse of Terror

The Powerhouse of Terror is an annual event held inside a former insane asylum on Humber College grounds.

Haunted High Park

Colborne Lodge hosts its annual Haunted High Park event with two different versions: one for adults-only and another for wussies.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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