Toronto Guide to Sunday Nightclub Events, Brunches & Industry Parties

Sunday Funday isn’t exactly a new thing but it is a growing concept that has a lot of Toronto nightclubs taking part in brunch parties, weekly events and industry nights.

Some venues have become go-to places for people who like to stretch the weekend as long as possible. And why not? Who says Sundays are only about your couch and hangover recovery?

Places like Tryst, Time, UNIUN and Bar Hop have all become pretty popular for their Sunday night parties in Toronto, whether hosting random weekly events or industry nights (if you’re unfamiliar with the term, I’ll get into that later). Then there are those places known for their Sunday brunch parties in Toronto that pop up every month.

So whether you want to start your Sunday with a meal prepared by an executive chef and a Caesar or two or head out after dark, Toronto's Sunday club events are a nice reminder that weekend fun doesn’t begin and end with Friday and Saturday.

Below is a list of a few ways and some tips to help transform your lazy Sunday into the biggest Funday of the week. And hey, if you’re trying to convince someone to get off the sofa and turn their Sunday into an epic time, share this post to let them know some of the benefits of heading out.

Sunday Brunch in Toronto

The World Famous Le Brunch at Brassaii

For many people Sunday Funday starts early in the afternoon, depending on the motivation to peel one’s self out of bed after partying on Saturday night. Places including Brassaii and Buonanotte have become popular for their Sunday brunch parties, which are hosted once a month respectively.

Toronto Sunday brunch parties like these are a chance to dress up, begin your Sunday Funday and enjoy prix fixe (“fixed price”) menus prepared by the venues’ own executive chefs. What makes these events so popular is not only brunch itself, but the festivities that continue after the tables have been cleared and the party starts with live DJs, and drink and bottle specials later in the afternoon.

This is the brunch party your mom never knew to warn you about.

The World Famous Le Brunch at Brassaii

Toronto Industry Nights

With some venues in Toronto, Sunday night events are synonymous with Toronto industry nights which are tailored to people who work in the service industry at places like nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and whatnot.

Just Your Average Sunday Night at TIME Nightclub

The idea is that since many of them are servers, hostesses, chefs and people of such unselfish job titles who tend to be working on Fridays and Saturdays, Sunday is their night of the week to party while the majority of nine-to-fivers are tucked in bed and ready to wake up with a case of the Mondays.

What you can expect at a typical Sunday industry night in Toronto is a more mature and laidback vibe, as opposed to a standard Friday or Saturday event filled with raging partygoers looking to blow off steam after a long school and workweek. By catering to industry professionals, industry nights tend to draw a familiar crowd and dress code is often more casual than on a typical night also.

Smaller Crowds

La Domenica Sunday Brunch at Buonanotte

It’s only natural that you’d expect far less people out looking to party on Sunday night in Toronto, given that so many people have school or work in the morning. So another nice aspect of Sunday club events and industry nights is the smaller, more tightly knit group of people who frequent them on a weekly basis.

Because there are less people looking to party in the city, the Toronto clubbing experience feels different on a Sunday night than on a Friday or Saturday.

You definitely don’t have to sweat the traffic, ridiculous lineups or having to get into a staring contest with the bartender to order a drink.

Naturally, the Sunday vibe is a lot different on long weekends and for holiday events in Toronto when people who don't have to work on Monday flood the city looking to party. If that’s the case it’s probably a good idea to book guest list and bottle service reservations in advance to ensure faster entry to busier spots.

Less Pricy

Sunday Drink Specials? We'll Toast to That.

With less people attending Sunday nightclub events in Toronto sometimes a little incentive is involved to draw a crowd. As opposed to busier nights when venues can charge an arm and a leg while still being filled to capacity, Sunday nights tend to be a bit lighter on the wallet as clubs offer free cover charges, cheap drinks and bottle specials. So if you are looking to party on Sunday in Toronto, you can expect that it might be a tad bit cheaper than an average night out in the city.

Yes, Sundays can be used for TV-watching, pizza-ordering and optional showering if you don’t plan on leaving the house.

But there are serious perks of putting on your sexiest dress or sharpest suit and treating your Sunday as fairly as your Friday or Saturday in terms of how fun it can actually be.

Sundays tend to be all about clubbing in a less frenzied atmosphere, the amount of popular weekly events and industry nights in Toronto, and the option of having a night out that won’t necessarily be as costly as you’re used to.

 Browse our Toronto event listings and find a Sunday party happening soon.

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