Toronto BBQ Restaurants So Good They Give Vegans Scary Dreams

Toronto BBQ Restaurants So Good They Give Vegans Scary Dreams

In a city known for its international cuisine, influence from south of the border is evident in the amount of high-quality Toronto BBQ restaurants.

There are lots of amazing barbeque restaurants in Toronto where the ribs are fall-off-the-bone and Wetnaps save lives.

So bring your bib, leave your belt at home get ready to chow down on barbecued meat, fish, veggies and whatever else you can grill that’s so good that you'll swear you're in Memphis. Let's check out just a handful of can't-miss Toronto BBQ spots in the city.

Toronto BBQ Restaurants
  • The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

    699 St.Clair Avenue West , Toronto

    The Stockyards takes a modern approach to mouthwatering BBQ in Toronto. Specializing in slow-cooked, southern-style meats, and BBQ and pulled pork sandwiches, The Stockyards will fuck you in the taste buds. You can tell what makes a great BBQ spot: one that hasn’t forgotten traditional methods of dry curing, aging, and smoking meats.

  • Paul & Sandy's Real Barbecue

    4925 Dundas Street W , Toronto

    This BBQ place in the Etobicoke area specializes in “honest to goodness real barbecue” so authentic you’ll be talking like Boomhauer. Paul and Sandy’s specializes in Kentucky slow-cooked barbecue that produces meat so succulent and tender that it literally falls right off the bone. The couple that owns this joint honed their BBQ craft by sampling a plethora of barbecue places down in the States.

  • Aft Kitchen & Bar

    686 Queen Street E , Toronto

    If you like a heavy smoke influence in your food, you can't go wrong at Aft Kitchen & Bar. Located in the heart of the action at 686 Queen Street East, this BBQ joint opened in February 2013. While it has flown beneath the radar of some Torontonians due to its low-key opening, you can be a trendsetter by chowing down here and then telling all your friends. Its menu is a shrine to all the Southern comfort foods like BBQ (duh), great ribs, and ultra-tender wings.

  • Electric Mud BBQ

    5 Brock Avenue , Toronto

    Located in Parkdale, Electric Mud is Toronto’s newest barbeque restaurant has already impressed the hell out of people anxious to find out the hype is all real. Best of luck grabbing a seat in this tiny place that’s always rammed and reservations don’t exist. Get there early and be prepared for the possibility of waiting for a seat. Don’t want to wait? They do takeout. Oh shit, and they deliver!

  • Barque Smokehouse

    299 Roncesvalles Avenue , Toronto

    Barque has been serving ridiculously amazing barbeque restaurant in the heart of Roncesvalles Village since 2011. This Toronto BBQ spot is considered by many to be the best in the city, and it may very well be true. Among the most impressive features of Barque is the size of the menu and amount of combinations possible, with a (highly recommended) sampler menu that lets you choose from a selection of meats and sides.

  • STACK Restaurant

    3265 Yonge Street , Toronto

    STACK Restaurant Brisket, burgers, baby back ribs…the gang’s all here. And while SMOKE naturally specializes in Southern-style BBQ as its name would suggest, this place is recommend for also offering a lot of non-BBQ food in Toronto. Their menu is full of options that include everything from sourdough sandwiches to tacos, grilled calamari and salads. Not taking anything away from their fall-off-the-bone ribs, blackened catfish, pulled pork or pit-smoked chicken.

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