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Sometimes we read things. Mostly, we eat tacos. But sometimes we do read things.

We give props to other blogs on the Interwebs for enlightening us on the things we’re interested in too. Here’s a rundown of five cool tattoo-related posts I got into this week. Enjoy.

As far as being a nerd goes, this is pretty cool. DC Comics just announced their involvement in next week’s episode of Ink Master on Spike TV. It airs on Sept. 10 and the challenge involves inking some of DC’s most notorious supervillains including the Joker, Bane, Catwoman, Darkseid, and Poison Ivy. (DC Comics)

Deb Yarian touches on the concept of a tattoo artist with no or few tattoos of his or her own. She's the author of the satirical booklet So, You Want to be a Tattoo Artist? and takes the time to address some of her critics in this post by discussing the importance of tattoo artists having a substantial amount of their own ink. (Tattoo Artist Magazine)

One of my favourites, legendary west coast artist Mister Cartoon, shared his recent interview with Vlad TV on his blog. In the interview he talks a bit about some of his work in motivational speaking, how he started doing art professionally and the progression of his career. (Mister Cartoon)

Looking at bad tattoo blogs is always a good time and Fuck No Bad Tattoos is a pretty entertaining one, updated daily with new photos. I don’t know why I enjoy looking at content like this so much. Maybe having my own tattoos and not being completely happy with all of them has something to do with it - kind of like having a few beers while watching Intervention. (Fuck No Bad Tattoos)

If you happened to come up in any of the music scenes mentioned, this is a pretty funny post you can probably relate to. Don’t get mad. Embrace the fact that you were young and stupid once and are living with a constant reminder of that. (Noisey)

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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