Top 5 Beauty Blog Posts to Read this Week

The Goop wonder woman herself Gwyneth Paltrow recently shot another series of ads for Hugo Boss perfume. The interview with WWD provides quite a bit of entertainment, especially when Paltrow notes that being a celebrity model is the perfect gig for mothers. You know what, Gwyneth never stop being you. (WWD)

If you suffer from thin hair and are longing for added volume – or really any sort of volume – then try this step-by-step tutorial courtesy of hairstylist Wesley O’Meara. All you need is Velcro rollers and patience – a whole lot of patience and time. (The Cut)

If you thought that nail art was on its way out then you’ve been severely mistaken. In fact, it’s about to get expensive. The UK-based jewelry line BOHEM is selling 24k gold and sterling silver nail jewelry for fingernails. Look to spend anywhere from $35 to $195. (SheFinds)

The luxury beauty e-boutique Clementine Fields opened to the public last week and offers a range of all-natural and organic beauty products for the eco-conscious consumer. The Toronto-based site is currently shipping across North America and customers can enjoy free shipping for purchases over $50. (Fashion Magazine)

The summer season is finally upon us, which means combating the destruction the winter months has done to our skin while simultaneously fighting heat and humidity. This list of eight beautifiers will help to tackle anything from greasiness to brightening your lips. (Refinery29)


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