The Scoop on Camping at Coachella

The Scoop on Camping at Coachella

Sure there are hotels nearby, but for the real music festival experience there’s nothing more authentic than camping overnight with thousands of your closest buddies.

Camping at Coachella is a cheap, convenient (and more fun way) to accommodate yourself overnight and wake up to a day full of music the following morning.

The Coachella camp site is located right across from the concert area and will be opening on Thursday, April 14th at 12pm. That means you can arrive a day earlier and spend the night before the festival even begins on the Friday. The Coachella camp grounds will then close on Monday, April 18th at 12pm.

There are two types of Coachella camping spots. The 10x30 Coachella camp spot includes space for one car if you have one. The 10x15 spot is just enough room for a tent. As long as you don’t go over the lines, you’re good.

There will be showers and bathrooms available absolutely free, or things could get ugly. There will also be camp counselors working the Coachella camp site to help you out and find your spot if you get lost after the concert. The area is huge and there will most likely be drinks involved knowing you. Party animal.

You can bring your own food and drinks (no glass containers) including what Coachella calls a “reasonable amount of beer” which is limited to one case of beer per person. Pretty sweet.

Guests with a car camping spot at Coachella can even bring their own outdoor grill for burgers and whatnot. Campfires and fire pits are not allowed anywhere.

So get grimy, enjoy the outdoors and party in true festival fashion. Get your Coachella camping passes as soon as possible to ensure availability.

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Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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