The New Toronto Delivery Service Hurrier Allows You to Never Miss A Minute of TLC

The New Toronto Delivery Service Hurrier Allows You to Never Miss A Minute of TLC

You guys. How many times did you forget to stop at the LCBO for the dinner party you’re hosting that night? Or maybe you blanked on lunch and work in an office building surrounded by the highway and a parking lot? Shit is stressful.

The new online startup Hurrier is eliminating that stress by providing a bike courier delivery service that helps you “skip the line” and receive your items in one hour. A few of the featured shops include The Burger’s Priest, Grand Electric, Fresh, Banh Mi Boys, Porchetta & Co, and even Shoppers Drug Mart.

“People aren’t lazy, they’re busy,” said company founder Adam Hasham in a Toronto Star interview. “This (one-hour) service is great for things you may have forgot, things you didn’t know you needed or things that have become very, very important – for whatever reason – all of a sudden.”

Speak for everyone else but as for myself, I’m 99% lazy and 1% busy watching TLC. No need to convince me that ordering and waiting for Grand Electric to be delivered is a logical option.* It already makes perfect sense. The city needs this.

Of course, nothing in life is free and neither is this. Hurrier charges a flat delivery rate of $4.50 plus $1.50 per kilometer (measured from pick-up location to the drop-off destination). And then there’s the 5% surcharge on the actual purchase. But think of the convenience of not having to miss a minute of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – always think of that.  

Hurrier currently delivers to the downtown core – south to Lake Ontario, north to St. Clair Ave, east to Pape Avenue, and west to Keele Street. Hours of operation are from 11am – 10pm. For more information or to get started be sure to visit the official website for Hurrier.

*Full disclosure – I have done so twice this week (yes, I have a problem).

Zoe Badley
Zoe Badley

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