The Coolest Vancouver Dog Parks for Singles

The Coolest Vancouver Dog Parks for Singles

Dog parks can be a great place to meet people if you’re single in the city and own a mutt of your own.

Not only are you meeting people in your neighbourhood, you know you’ve already got at least one thing in common all while letting the little stinker do his business, run around and interact with others.

And shit, once you do meet someone there you’ve already got a place to go and meet up again. So here’s a list of cool dog parks in Vancouver to get friendly with others in your area.

Oh, and always remember to abide by dog park etiquette which includes controlling your pet and picking up all nuggets of evidence that you and your dog were there.


Vancouver Dog Parks
  • Nelson Park

    1030 Bute Street , Vancouver

    Located in West End Vancouver, Nelson Park offers a fenced and double-gated off-leash dog area to let the little buggers play safely. It’s generally really clean, with benches so you can sit and chat with other owners while keeping an eye on your pets.

  • Hadden Park

    1905 Ogden Avenue , Vancouver

    If your dog’s a swimmer, it’ll have the dog equivalent of what we humans feel as appreciation for Hadden Park. It’s located in Kitsilano and offers an off-leash dog area with access to the waterfront to go for a dip. The downside is the off-leash hour restrictions, with no off-leash access between 10am and 5pm daily from May ‘til September.

  • Coopers' Park

    1020 Marinaside Crescent , Vancouver

    Coopers’ Park is located in Yaletown, which is probably the best thing about it: Sweet location for local condo-dwellers. The problem here is the dog area isn’t fenced in, so you pretty much have to make sure you’re keeping a good eye on your pup(s) at all times which can be a bit distracting if you’re trying to do your own socializing.

  • Emery Barnes Park

    1199 Richards Street , Vancouver

    The off-leash dog park here is a bit on the small side, but it’s fenced off with a water fountain. Plus there are lots of cool things for non-dogs like picnic tables and a playground, so it’s usually full of kids. There are a bunch of cafes and restaurants nearby too, so it’s awesome for bringing a lunch or coffee while the little furry one plays.

  • Charleston Park

    999 Charleston Street , Vancouver

    The coolest thing about the off-leash area here is the waterfall pond, so if your dog loves water it’ll be all about it. Plus you’re just a short walk to and from both Olympic Village and Granville Island. The grass area is off-leash year-round, while the waterfall pond is only off-leash from May to October.

  • Crab Park

    149 Waterfront Road E , Vancouver

    Crab Park is awesome whether you bring the dog or not. First, it’s perfect if you live near Gastown and people come here for a number of reasons: The views of downtown, the playground, the (illegal) drinking. There’s also a huge off-leash area with access to the water. Dogs must be leashed between 10am and 5pm every day.

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