Tastefest and Craft Beerfest Offer Off-Track Fun and Free Booze at Honda Indy Toronto

Tastefest and Craft Beerfest Offer Off-Track Fun and Free Booze at Honda Indy Toronto

Ontario Craft Beer Week might be a wrap, but you’ll get another chance to celebrate local breweries during Honda Indy Toronto next month.

Craft Beerfest will be one of the major off-track attractions for the second year in a row as Muskoka Brewery and Amsterdam Brewery team up to give out free samples and brew a special collaborative beer onsite just for the Honda Indy.

Both the Amsterdam and Muskoka Twitter accounts are hosting contests to name the beer. All suggestions must include the #IndyBrew hashtag and the winner gets four tickets to the race.

The two Toronto breweries will be giving out free samples at the Beer Gardens and Craft Brew House where guests can also learn about the brewing process, what goes into the beer and more beer-related bits of knowledge from onsite brewmasters and spokespeople. And if you're really into craft beer, you can also take the opportunity to check out how their made at any of the five Toronto brewery tours happening regularly in the city (free beer included at most).

The first annual Tastefest will be making its Indy debut for 2013 and will include free food and beverages provided by certain vendors. A bunch of Toronto food trucks will also be there to offer more food options than ever.

It’s all part of the attempt by organizers to bring more attention to things happening off-track at the Honda Indy Toronto and promote more of a festival-type vibe.

Check out Honda Indy Toronto for everything you need to know and to order tickets to this year’s event.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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