Skip the Generics When Shopping in Downtown Vancouver for Men

Skip the Generics When Shopping in Downtown Vancouver for Men

Step away from the American Eagle Outfitters.

Sure it’s stocked with casual pieces like sweaters and hoodies that appear “designer” at an unbeatable price (LOL stop it) but you know what, you’re not in college anymore so just let it die already. God. 

If not American Eagle Outfitters then where in the world does a male possibly shop in Vancouver? Anywhere but that god-forsaken place that's where and don’t even try bringing American Apparel into this.

In fact, in the downtown region alone, there are a number of retail stores that cater to all professions by providing a wide selection of name brands. Below I’ve broken down some great places to shop for men in the downtown area of Vancouver. 

This girl, helping bros one day at a time. 

Downtown Stores for Men
  • Leone

    757 Hastings Street West , Vancouver

    You’re a male that likes to ball out every weekend and needs a wardrobe that fits that fresh-to-death lifestyle – and you’re also too pretentious to shop at Holts. That’s where the downtown boutique Leone has you covered. Outfitted with collections from Versace, Dior, Lanvin, Prada, and so much more. Now go and get your money little duffle bag boy (outdated lyrics all day long).

  • Boboli

    2776 Granville Street , Vancouver

    You can’t make it to NYC anytime soon but you’re itching for that new Mont Blanc collection that you recently saw in your girlfriend’s latest issue of Vogue. No sweat, the exclusive high-end boutique style store Boboli is the place to find the latest fashions from such designers as Valentino, Kenzo, Missoni, and more. The added plus is that alterations are complimentary.

  • Staccato

    1842 1st Avenue , Vancouver

    Wedding season is about to get into full swing, which means you need to step up your Don Draper game. Don’t bother running around town looking for the most dapper attire possible when Staccato is the one-stop shop for quality suits. It’s not just about fancy duds either, there’s also a selection of casual clothing from Alternative, Ben Sherman, J Brand, Ted Baker, and more.

  • Brooklyn Clothing Co

    418 Davie Street , Vancouver

    There’s a type of male that only buys one pair of jeans to keep on rotation until the crotch blows out – and to that I ask, why? Brooklyn Clothing Co. has an exceptional selection of jeans, jeans, jeans, and more jeans. If you’re looking for, you guessed it, jeans then this is the place to go. The prices are on the expensive side but dammit, quality denim like this won’t shred in the groin.

  • BOYSCO (Robson)

    1044 Robson Street , Vancouver

    Words that you would use to describe your attire are edgy and steadfast. You avoid being coined a hipster and in turn end up looking more of a hipster. You want to stand out when you go out and maybe even feel a little like a celebrity – but without looking like you tried, yanno? Then take your stylish self over to Boys’ Co and get outfitted with such brands as Naked & Famous, Lacoste, McQ by McQueen, True Religion, and plenty more.

  • Dutil

    303 Cordova Street , Vancouver

    Let’s go back to denim for a second because no one can ever get enough of denim. For the sake of argument, if Brooklyn Clothing Co. can’t help keep your genitals under wraps then Dutil is the retail store to visit. If you’re especially sensitive to shopping for a pair of jeans then make sure to ask for help from a staff member – the employees at Dutil are awesome at finding exactly what you’re looking for.

  • If you’re getting sick of Harry Rosen’s attitude but still want a quality boutique that delivers service unlike anywhere else then look no further than Roden Gray. The long list of designers include Herschel Supply Co., Band of Outsiders, Comme des Garcons and more to help keep you looking your sharpest all year round. This place is especially helpful if you’re a #menswear blogger. Just saying.

  • Hitz Boutique

    316 Cordova Street , Vancouver

    Okay, so you’re not quite into the whole designer attire and would rather be comfortable. Makes sense, that’s where Hitz Boutique comes into play. Just south of Gastown this small shop is stocked with skate and surf clothing for both men and women and carries name brands such as Converse Chuck Taylor, Vans, Billabong, etc. at an affordable price.

  • Neighbour

    125-12 Water Street , Vancouver

    Out of everywhere listed above, Neighbour is truly a gem in the city. If you value friendly service above everything, this is where you want to shop. Make sure to save your pennies though – it’s not cheap to look as good as Neighbour hopes to make you. There’s a great mix of stylish and comfortable clothing and useful accessories – like wallets that aren’t Velcro. Throw that out now and never speak of it again.

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