Province of Quebec About to Change Wine Bottle Laws

Province of Quebec About to Change Wine Bottle Laws

Pretty sweet news:

Provincial laws are about to be changed that will allow Quebecers to leave a restaurant with an unfinished bottle of wine.

The Liberals and Parti Quebecois are apparently getting together to change the uncorking laws before June 14th, according to CBC.

It’s pretty sweet news considering diners won’t be forced to finish a bottle before they leave, allowing them to bring their wine home with them. It comes just in time for summer patio season too.

It’s also a good way to discourage people from drinking too much then driving home since they won’t be forced to down the entire bottle after paying good money for it. From the restaurateurs’ perspective, it may also encourage patrons to purchase more expensive bottles of wine since they know they can save whatever they don't finish.

The Liberals were actually going to change the law last summer but ran out of legislative time before losing the election to Parti Quebecois.

Expect the change to happen soon. Deadline will be June 14th before the national assembly goes on recess for the rest of the summer.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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