Nude Beaches in Toronto to Let it all Hang Out

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Nude Beaches in Toronto to Let it all Hang Out

Nude or “clothing optional” beaches do exist in the city of Toronto.

No clothing = no tan lines, no screaming kids and no inhibitions. There are a few nude beaches in Toronto including one that’s totally official and completely legal in the city.

Oh, and hey pervs thinking you’re gonna go there and see a whole bunch of epic tiddays and hot girl-on-girl action. This isn’t a porno version of Baywatch. Be prepared for a lot of loose skin, super-saggy junk and lots of gay dudes.

Still, if you so desire to experience a nude beach in Toronto, here’s a list of places where you can let everyone see what you’re working with completely free of all judgment – at least until your back is turned.

Hanlan’s Point Beach

Hanlan’s Point Beach features a well secluded nude portion on Centre Island. Well hidden by dunes and trees, the white and sandy beach is just a ferry ride from the mainland and there’s a family area if you don’t feel like looking at stragers’ wobbly bits. But Hanlan’s Point is a super-nice beach open that’s safe for swimming and popular amongst Toronto’s gay community, nudist organizations and exhibitionists alike, open from late May to early September each year.


Located in Scarborough, Beechgrove is an unofficial nude beach located behind the East Point Sports Complex on the eastern edge of Toronto. Located at East Point Park, the beach is nicknamed Beechgrove because it’s located at the south end of Beechgrove Drive. Reminder: This is not a legal nude beach in Toronto but it is frequented by nudist and Toronto’s gay community.

Scarborough Bluffs

Another popular nude beach is at Scarborough Bluffs, which is also unofficial but frequented by nudists in several area. While not legitimately clothing optional, the west end of the beach is frequented by buck naked sunbathers where police generally turn a blind eye. To avoid getting a ticket, cover up if you see any cops patrolling or a police boat approaching.

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