New Food Trucks Hitting the Streets of Vancouver This Summer


While some people would argue that food trucks are detrimental to a neighbourhood by potentially taking customers away from local businesses, it can also help to attract consumers to a part of the city that they may not usually visit.

Whatever your opinion on the topic, the city of Vancouver has recently approved 15 new street food-vending permits that will begin serving this summer. I would list them all but it’s the Friday before the long weekend and your girl here has a half-day so I’m sure you can understand.

Aussie Pie Guy
600 Hamilton Street
(778) 991 7437

Meat pies, vegan pies, gluten-free pies, delicious Australian pies – pies, pies and more pies are expected this summer at Aussie Pie Guy. Maybe even a Porky Pie with slow roasted pulled pork in a special BBQ sauce topped with coleslaw made with apple and mint. According to Facebook it’s only an early recipe development but hey, it may just make the final cut!

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery
600 Hamilton Street
(604) 831 0453

There are only a couple more weeks until the Fat Duck Mobile hits the street of Vancouver. Looking for a Duck Confit Sandwich Philly style with caramelized onions, pickled mushrooms, two cheeses and truffle mayo? Of course you are. According to their Facebook page you should keep your eyes posted for the week of the 20th.

Dougie Diner
600 Hamilton Street
(604) 454 8068

Remember last year when some asshole created a $100 hot dog that was infused with century-old cognac and topped with fresh lobster and Kobe beef? Dougie Diner are those assholes and well, they're now focusing on the "food truck revolution." Therefore, the restaurant located on 1011 Granville is closing and this food truck is the only place to get Dougie's dog. 

Falso Philly Cheese Steaks
200 West 40th
(778) 316 2386

If you’re not a big fan of getting messy then the Falso Philly Cheese Steaks aren’t for you, and you know what? That sucks because this cart is stocked with a variety of cheesesteaks that sound crazy. But if you’re feeling for the opposite then try the Philly Classic that has shaved rib eye, provolone, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms. Can't go wrong with that, right?

Culver City Salads
400 Cambie Street

Vegan, salads, brown rice, organic, sustainable, blah, blah, blah it’s all very healthy here at Culver City Salads. This place is perfect if you’re not a fan of clogging your arteries with a sky-high burger that includes Kraft Dinner as a topping. It’s also perfect if you’re not a fan of eating salad as a main dish since the options and toppings are truly creative and filling.

JJ’s Trucketeria
Fraser Street at East 43
(778) 898 1419

At JJ's Trucketeria you can find healthy Filipino fusion from a truck for a pretty decent price, seeing as a Congee topped with an egg, scallions and a choice of meat only sets you back about $5. Or if the weather permits, enjoy a roasted carrot and garlic soup topped with sour cream and green onions for only $5. This summer is starting to look pretty good. 

Reel Mac & Cheese
600 Hamilton Street
(604) 828 8021

OH MY GOD, HOMEMADE MAC N CHEESE, FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER. There’s a Run Fat Boy Run that’s just deep fried mac n cheese (all the yeses in the world), Godzilla topped with all things Japanese (kind of racist? But not because it’s mac n cheese), and the Main Event that includes five cheeses, select spices and topped with crispy or caramelized onions.

For a complete listing of the 15 new food trucks that are hitting Vancouver streets be sure to visit the City of Vancouver's website for more information.

Zoe Badley
Zoe Badley

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