Montreal Chicken Wing Places So Good You’ll Need a Defibrillator On Deck

Montreal Chicken Wing Places So Good You’ll Need a Defibrillator On Deck

In a city famous for its local dishes, Montreal chicken wing places tend to take a backseat to spots serving up poutine and smoked meats.

It’s true that chicken wings, or ailes de poulet as they’re known locally, aren’t a prominent staple of Montreal cuisine - nor are they the healthiest of food choices.

But sometimes you’ve just gotta say screw the diet and hit up any of the local bars, pubs and restaurants serving up beautifully greasy, crispy, deep-fried chicken wings in Montreal.

So if you’re in the mood to watch the game, pound back some beers and rip apart heart-stoppingly good wings in Montreal, here’s a list of places that fry a bird and smother it in sauce n' seasoning right (in no particular order). Share this post to let non-dieting friends know too!

Of course, we know this isn't a complete list of places to find the best chicken wings in Montreal. Do you know any other great pubs, bars, restaurants, or takeout joints not listed here? Be sure to make a place suggestion below.

Chicken Wing Places in Montreal
  • Wings 'N Things

    5475 Royalmount Avenue , Montreal

    Wings ‘N Things are the self-proclaimed “Chicken Wing Kings in Montreal,” and with more than 25 years of business under their belts, it’s a tough statement to argue. Their new Royalmount Ave. location is perfect whether you want to dine-in and watch the game on any of their three TVs, order takeout or give ‘em a ding for chicken wing delivery in Montreal. Basically, you choose your style (regular, breaded, boneless or grilled), amount (anywhere from six – 200) and any of the nine sauces (including the popular Peanut Butter and Jack Daniel’s BBQ). The “things” in question at Wings ‘N Things include sides like waffle fries and onion rings, and mains like burgers, salads, grilled cheese, and desserts.

  • Diablos BBQ

    1693A St-Denis Street , Montreal

    Diablos BBQ is a southern-style smokehouse barbeque bar and restaurant, that’s pretty much a carnivore’s vision of heaven. The gang’s all here: brisket, ribs, burgers, pulled pork, blackened chicken, smoked salmon, and more served with sides like mac n’ cheese, potato salad and cornbread. And while barbeque rules at Diablos, their crispy deep fried wings are just as popular as their grilled items.

  • McKibbin's Irish Pub

    1426 Bishop Street , Montreal

    When it comes to pub food, brews and watching the Habs, McKibbin’s on Bishop Street is where it’s at. Located in a historic sandstone mansion built in 1904, the Irish pub is just as much about its atmosphere as it is the food and drink. Their Belfast Chicken Wings are plump, juicy and glazed in your choice of Mild, Medium, Hot, Extreme, or the signature Guiness Wings which are smothered in Guinness BBQ sauce. McKibbin’s is also home to the Rim Reaper challenge. Your ability to finish a dozen wings made with the world’s hottest and most expensive pepper, the Bhut Jolokia pepper aka the Ghost Pepper, gets your name on the Wall of Flame.

  • Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill (Downtown)

    1189 Rue de la Montagne Street , Montreal

    There are three Ye Olde Orchard Pub locations in Montreal including their NDG and Plateau Mont-Royal locations and this one in the heart of Downtown Montreal. Now, be forewarned. These are Jumbo Capon Wings – not chicken. If that weirds you out, then don’t bother. But if you prefer a lot of meat on your wings, capon pretty much tastes just like chicken only the wings are much bigger. It also means you can fill up on a lot less. You can get six, nine or 12 pieces served with fries or veggies and with your choice of Honey Garlic, Cider BBQ, Medium, Spicy, Kick Ass, or Plain.

  • Hurley's Irish Pub

    1225 Crescent Street , Montreal

    Depending on who you ask, Hurley’s may be home to the best wings in Downtown Montreal. This Irish Pub has been a Crescent Street favourite since 1993, with 22 beers on tap and an impressive selection of over 50 single malts and 16 whiskeys. The main draw to Hurley’s is the friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere to watch the game over some drinks and traditional pub grub. The Hurley Wings which come in your choice of Mild, Medium, Hot Buffalo Style, and Thai.

  • Poutineville (Beaubien)

    1348 Beaubien Street East , Montreal

    If you’re at a place called Poutineville, you’d be a damn fool not to try any of the 11 poutines on the menu including their Philly cheesesteak Greek and Italian-inspired dishes. This is some of the hottest, sloppiest, gravy-est poutine in Montreal. But if you’re looking for a little variety, they’ve got lots of other things to order including their Jumbo Chicken Wings that come in either BBQ or 911 sauce. Dump ‘em right into the poutine, eat ‘em with a fork n’ knife, and you’ve got yourself a good time, my friend. Poutineville comes is especially perfect after the bar. Poutineville is open ‘til 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • When it comes to fast food-style wings, Buffalo Bill Wings offers takeout and chicken wing delivery in Montreal with five convenient locations. Wings are available in Traditional (non-breaded), Crispy (breaded) and Wings-It (boneless) and come in a variety of 14 different flavours including the popular Spicy Honey Garlic and Caribbean Jerk. Monday is Wings Day when takeout wings are just 60¢ each. And while deep fried chicken wings are the name of the game at Buffalo Wild Wings, they’ve got lots of other heart-stopping menu items like burgers, subs, poutine, fried pickle chips, waffle fries, popcorn chicken, and more.

  • Also offering takout and Montreal wing delivery is Ad’s Buffalo Wings & Pizza on Decarie Boulevard. This place is surefire heart-stoppage for any greasy food lover, so bring your defibrillator. The wings are super-cheap (under $5 for five, and $35.99 for up to 60 wings) and come in your choice of Honey, BBQ, Medium, Spicy, Double Spicy, Suicide, 911, Honey Garlic, Honey Mustard, Chile Soft, and Sweet & Sour. Wings are 50¢ each on Mondays and Tuesdays and if you want anything else, they’ve got lots of specialty pizzas, wraps, poutine, burgers, salads, and more.

  • Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

    1234 Bishop Street , Montreal

    If you’re in the mood to drink beer and mow down some wings, Irish Embassy Pub & Grill on Bishop Street is perfect. Located inside a historic building dated back to 1885, Irish Embassy offers an old school Irish pub setting for those sitting indoors, while the seven LCD flat screens keep you up-to-date with all the live sporting events. On nicer days, you can take in the sun on the front terrace or back beer garden while downing pints and traditional Irish pub grub. Tuesdays are Beer N’ Wings nights in Montreal, featuring $11.99 pint and wings combos (wings normally priced at $10.99 per pound) in your choice of sauce: Sweet Chili, Honey Garlic, Mild, Medium, or Hot.

  • La Cage aux Sports Montreal (Bell Centre)

    1212 Canadiens de Montréal Avenue , Montreal

    There are five Cage locations in Montreal including Vieux-Montreal, Rene-Levesque, Place Versailles, Montreal-Nord, and this one at Bell Centre. La Cage is famous for its wings, which come in seven flavours: Salt & Pepper, Buffalo, Buffalo Bull’s Eye, Asian, 911, Uppercut, and Kamikaze. Wings are also half-price every Thursday after 4pm. If you’re looking for an energetic sports bar atmosphere to watch the game on multiple screens over beer and good bar food, you can never go wrong with any La Cage aux Sports location in Montreal.

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