Late Night Vancouver Restaurants With Delivery After Midnight to Cure Your Munchies

Late Night Vancouver Restaurants With Delivery After Midnight to Cure Your Munchies

Certain trustworthy restaurants offer late night delivery in Vancouver, bringing food straight to your door in times of post-bar face-stuffing after midnight.

It is these places whose drivers brave the wee-hour darkness with no fear of muggers, down five-hour energy drinks to keep their eyes on the road, and come to the rescue when there’s nothing in the fridge or you're too lazy (drunk?) to make anything late at night.

While the choices of Vancouver restaurants may be few, you can't afford to be picky when in need of greasy sustenance rushed to you by a complete stranger-hero asking little in return but a humble tip. There are only a few places such as these that offer delivery in Vancouver well after midnight.

And while pizza tends to be the first thought that pops into mind, sometimes you crave something more than the typical offerings even if there are plenty of mouthwatering pizzerias in Vancouver

It's true that most hungry people would never turn down a slice of pizza whether sober or not. But even with so few places to choose from, there are several after-midnight Vancouver delivery options for when you're in the mood for variety:

Greek, Chinese, poutine, wings, and all the diverse food this city has to offer.

So whether you’ve just gotten home from the bar, club or just have a serious case of the munchies, here’s a list of places in Vancouver that deliver after hours.

If you know any other places that offer late night delivery in Vancouver, make a place suggestion at the bottom of this page and feel free to share this post to let anyone with a frequent habit of midnight snacking know.

Vancouver Delivery After Midnight
  • Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki

    593 East Broadway Alley , Vancouver

    You’ve been out partying and are now home, foodless and hungry. If pizza and/or Greek doesn’t sound appealing while in a drunken state, you may be so inebriated that all logic is also leading you to believe you don’t enjoy the gentle kiss of a puppy or understand the humour in Seinfeld. Dallas Pizza & Souvlaki offers late-night delivery in Vancouver (minimum order is $15), which is completely free if you’re within two kilometres of their Mount Pleasant location at 593 Broadway East. They'll bring you whatever you need any time before 3am from Monday to Saturday and 1am on Sundays whether you've got a hankerin' for pizza, Greek souvlaki or anything else on the menu including wings, pasta, lasagna, salads, ribs, BBQ chicken, and more. Good eats!

  • Martini's Restaurant

    151 West Broadway Alley , Vancouver

    You can count on these guys to fill your belly late at night, provided you get your order in at least 15 minutes before the end of delivery times. Those times are 2am on Friday and Saturday, 1am from Monday to Thursday, and 12am on Sundays and holidays. They accept cash, debit or credit at your door in case you need it. Martini’s is most famous for the whole wheat pizza that comes with some ridiculous toppings. Just a couple of pies from their "Specialties" menu include their chorzio sausage, red onion, and spinach-topped pizza and another with lean beef, potato and feta cheese. Or you can go with the Martini’s Special: bacon, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and smoked corn beef. But if for some reason none of their pizzas sound appetizing, they’ve got a full menu that offers everything from souvlaki to burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, veal parmesan, poutine, quesadillas, and lots more.

  • Ken's Chinese Restaurant

    1097 Kingsway Alley , Vancouver

    If you live in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage area, Ken’s Chinese delivers every night of the week from 5pm – 12:30am within a seven-mile (11km) radius of their 1097 Kingsway location. They'll bring you whatever your rumbly tummy desires at no extra charge if you’re within five miles and it's just a Toonie if you’re outside of that boundary. That means if you’re in need of some Vancouver Chinese delivery after midnight, you’ve got yummy, deep-fried nearly-everything at your door after ordering directly from their website or by phone. They’ve got all the dishes you’d expect from a good Chinese food place, which also comes in especially handy the next morning when you may be in need of some greasy hangover food.

  • GiGi's Pizza & Spaghetti House

    189 West Broadway Alley , Vancouver

    GiGi’s offers a lot of late-night menu items that include more options than just their huge selection of pizzas, which is awesome on its own. Along with their spaghetti and other varieties of pasta, they’ve got everything from pitas and souvlaki to chicken wings, ribs, steak, lobster, fish and chips, BBQ chicken, burgers, and more. Not only do you get whatever artery-clogging goodness you want delivered right to you, but delivery only requires a minimum order of $12 with a 50¢ charge if you’re within a 5km radius of their 189 West Broadway location or $2.50 if you’re within their 8km maximum delivery limit. GiGi’s delivers ‘til 2:30am from Sunday to Thursday and 3:30am on Friday and Saturday.

  • Dijo's Pizza & Panzerotto

    2838 East Hastings Street , Vancouver

    Okay, so pizza and wings may not be your first choice for late-night delivery in Vancouver. But let’s say it’s really, really late. You’re running out of options, my friend. Thank sweet Jebus for Dijo’s, which has been serving night owls after-hours since 1991. This place takes doesn't close until 4am and takes delivery calls until 3:45am on Fridays and Saturdays. From Sunday to Thursday, you can place your order any time before 1:45am every weeknight with a minimum purchase of $15 and delivery free ranging from $6 to $10 depending on your location. They deliver all over the place too: Vancouver East, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Richmond. And yup, they will take credit or debit at your door.

  • Venetis Pizza

    9591 128 Street , Surrey

    If you live in Surrey, Venetis Pizza delivers late all week. Don’t let the name fool you; they’ve got a pretty diverse menu that can bring you anything from steaks to burgers, ribs, donairs and gyros, pasta, and wings. Of course their Specialty Pizza menu is Venetis’ claim to fame and the place has been around since 1975 so their family pie-making procedure has certainly stood the test of time. But for whatever your late-night craving demands, the Surrey pizzeria delivers until 1am from Monday to Thursday, 2am on Friday and Saturday, and 1am on Sunday nights, and they will take your plastic if you don’t have cash on you.

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