Justin Bieber Bottles the Scent of His Fans

Justin Bieber Bottles the Scent of His Fans

While we don’t condone Bieber Fever, it is excruciatingly hard to remain ignorant of the 18-year-old pop star – even if we so badly want to be. In addition to releasing his new album Believe and hit lead single Boyfriend, Bieber is now launching his new perfume titled Girlfriend.

We see what you did there – clever, clever.

Beiber told MTV in a gripping interview, “Well, you know, I told [the perfume creators] they got to smell like all my fans all around the world. Just a beautiful smell, something not too fruity, but nice and flowery – got a nice little maybe cherry scent in there.”

Ah yes, cherry, the scent of all 14-year-old girls.

While it’s easy to attack Bieber (and boy is it ever easy) it’s impossible to ignore the power of his prepubescent fans. According to Slate, Beiber’s first scent netted $3 million in its first three weeks at Macy’s last summer. The store’s president even announced it as “the biggest celebrity fragrance launch on record.”

Wait, what? Maybe this kid is onto something.

Either way let's agree to never care again.

Zoe Badley
Zoe Badley

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