John Dahlback at Celebrities Nightclub

John Dahlback at Celebrities Nightclub

Check out John Dahlback at Celebrities Nightclub later this month as he visits Vancouver all the way from his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden.

This is the only Canadian stop on his current tour, which has him travelling all corners of the earth in the coming weeks, from Cielo in New York City and Set in Miami to rocking parties in Brussels, Paris and Budapest in April.

John Dahlback’s rich musical upbringing started as a child when he would toy with his father’s Atari to create music. By the age of 15, Dahlback had already released two demos before releasing material for labels Route 33 and Deep4life.

Later starting up new projects including Hugg and Pepp with his cousin Jesper and his own label Pickadoll, John Dahlback is as much of a world-renowned DJ as a successful A&R and entrepreneur with an impressive roster of signed artists. Still, music is his first love as he continuously tours to rock clubs all over the globe.

This is going to be a very special Stereotype Friday night event with John Dalback at Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver on March 13th. DJ’s Timeline and Tyler Johnson will be warming up the crowd earlier in the evening.

Doors open at 9pm.

Get there early to ensure faster entry at the beginning of the night.

Sarah Freed