Joe Fresh Stand-alone Stores Opening in Victoria and Ottawa

Joe Fresh Stand-alone Stores Opening in Victoria and Ottawa

There’s no way anyone could’ve predicted that retail chain Joe Fresh, created for Loblaw Companies, would become the massive franchise it is today. Or at least I sure didn’t see that one coming.

After having a successful Spring 2013 runway show this past September at Toronto Fashion Week, the brand is announcing the opening of stand-alone stores in Canada.

According to Fashion Magazine, Joe Fresh is opening its doors in Ottawa, Ontario and Victoria, British Columbia. Completion is due for February and March of 2013. The stores are to carry Joe Fresh men and women’s wear, children apparel, and beauty products and accessories.

The Victoria stand-alone is to open at the retail environment, Uptown and boasts 13, 000 square feet. According to a press release, the Joe Fresh Uptown features a full range of the products mentioned above in addition to toddler and baby apparel, active wear, intimates, and sleepwear.

Joe Fresh creative director Joe Mimran said via press release, “We are happy to announce two new Joe Fresh locations in Canadian cities.”

“We’ve had our eye on Ottawa and Victoria for some time and are very pleased with the locations of each of these stand-alone stores.

With 12 standalone stores already thriving in Canada and 700 more to open inside of J.C. Penney across the United States, it’s safe to say that Joe Fresh is taking over.


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