Holiday Gift Certificates Available at Spa Utopia

Holiday Gift Certificates Available at Spa Utopia

Spa Utopia is offering day-specific gift cards that when used on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday include 20% off the total service.

Confused? So are we. Kinda.

So when you purchase a card, load it up with as much money as you want and use it on the day specified. This is a way you can save yourself some dough, that is, if you don’t buy one for someone else.

There are a few catches: You can’t use the card the same day as it was purchased. So buy it a week in advance and use it the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

It also can’t be used for retail purchases or in conjunction with other promotions or discounts. Oh, and the card is non-replaceable. Don’t lose it!

Call Spa Utopia directly at (604) 539-8772 for more information.

Sarah Freed