Fukyu Sushi Forced to Change Their Name

Fukyu Sushi Forced to Change Their Name

The Quebec Superior Court has ordered Fukyu Bar à Sushi & Resto to change their name.

Turns out Fukyu apparently means “fuck you” in Canadian so a judge put an end to all that.

The judge is Kirkland Casgrain who wrote, “As it is, the word is clearly inappropriate given its meaning when pronounced in a Montreal context,” and gave the owner 24 hours to cover up the sign out front.

The offensive pronunciation word isn’t a coincidence, as the owner John De Melo cleverly chose to stand out from the countless other sushi bars in Montreal.

It worked. And while the controversial name might not stick around, it has gotten Fukyu Bar à Sushi & Resto loads of publicity.

Complaints have been rolling in sice July, when other tenants said customers were complaining about the offensive name.

Sounds like jealously to us.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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