5 Bars Near the Rogers Centre Perfect for Jays Game Pre-Drinking

5 Bars Near the Rogers Centre Perfect for Jays Game Pre-Drinking

There are several bars near the Rogers Centre for pre-drinking and pre-eating before heading over to the game because people of Toronto know anything accociated with the name "Rogers" is never a good deal.

Same goes for inside the Rogers Centre, where everything from beer to a slice of pizza will give your wallet a thorough pounding.

Thankfully, there are a few bars near the Rogers Centre to meet up with friends, guzzle brews and fill up on food before paying stadium prices. Sure, it’s hard to resist sipping even a $10+ beer while watching the game, but a few beers beforehand might help from spending a small fortune once inside.

Just know that bars near the Rogers Centre within walking distance can get pretty slammed before the game and patio seating can be scarce on nice afternoons. Get there early and save spots for your friends.

Check our Toronto bar listing for more options in the area whether you're planning on warming up before an event or celebrating a home game win afterwards.

Bars Near Rogers Centre
  • Hoops Sports Bar & Grill (Bremner)

    125 Bremner Boulevard , Toronto

    Hoops is just a block away from the Rogers Centre with lots of daily specials including Thirsty Thursdays ($3 domestic pints, for eff’s sake) with over 19 beers on tap. They have a nice patio for catching some sun and screaming random shit at passersby in Jays (or opposing team) jerseys.

  • Fox & Fiddle (CityPlace)

    17 Fort York Boulevard , Toronto

    Fox & Fiddle is also at CityPlace with a decent corner patio for sitting outside when the weather’s nice. It’s a modern British-style pub with pub food, a decent selection of beer, awesome Caesars, and lots of daily specials. Brunch is also served every Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 2pm.

  • St Louis Bar & Grill (CityPlace)

    313 Bremner Boulevard , Toronto

    Located at CityPlace directly across from the Rogers Centre, this St. Louis location is probably the top place for pre-drinking and celebrating home game wins afterwards. As a result, it can get pretty busy in here but the crowd consists almost entirely of Jays fans and there are lots of daily specials to take advantage of.

  • Lone Star Texas Grill

    200 Front Street West , Toronto

    Lone Star is a Tex-Mex style bar and restaurant at Front and Simcoe just a few minutes walking distance to and from the Rogers Centre. They’ve got an awesome menu and lots of screens including one large projection screen above the bar to watch any pre-game stuff or other sporting events happening.

  • Real Sports Bar & Grill

    15  York Street , Toronto

    Arguably Toronto’s most famous downtown sports bar, Real Sports is right next to the Air Canada Centre and can be found slammed with people during every single Leafs game. It’s more of a hockey bar than a baseball one just because of its location in the heart of Maple Leafs Square, but they do show Jays games which are more popular after mid-June once the NHL season is done.

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