Fashion Shower Gets Steamy as Anna Dello Russo Revels H&M Collection


Don’t try arguing that Anna Dello Russo isn’t the embodiment of fashion – or at the very least she’s wildly entertaining to watch.

The woman is a big name in the industry and holds the coveted title of editor-at-large for Vogue Japan. For Christ sakes, she owns a second apartment to serve as acloset. As in the whole damn place is merely a closet.

So naturally, everyone was excited when it was announced Dello Russo is collaborating with H&M on an accessory line (also who’s left to collaborate with H&M at this point). Who can forget that video tour of her Fashion Week wardrobe – a seven-day event

The 50-piece accessory, footwear, and bag collection for H&M was reveled today and of course it’s everything you’d expect from a woman who sang, “you need a fashion shower.”

“I wanted to re-create the excitement of the fashion week tour, when you enter a dreamy fashion bubble that is almost a parallel reality,” Dello Russo told WWD. “ I tried to capture that sense of freedom, joy and excitement.”

The line features jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, bags, and a trolley (priced from $24.95 to $299 for thigh-high leather boots) and is set to go on sale worldwide October 4.  

Zoe Badley
Zoe Badley

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