Earnest Ice Cream Opens New Shop On Fraser Street

Earnest Ice Cream Opens New Shop On Fraser Street

No amount of words can accurately sum up the sheer volume of wonderful that’s produced at Earnest Ice Cream in Vancouver. Just for kicks though, a few that do come to mind are Roasted Rhubarb Oat Crumble, Sour Cherry Chocolate Chip, Whiskey Hazelnut, White Peach Brown Butter, Mulled Pear, and Pumpkin Pie. 

How’s that for awe-inspiring, mouth-watering, indecent thoughts? Not half bad.

The vendor that’s been dominating the Vancouver ice cream market without so much as a storefront has finally opened its first parlour at 3992 Fraser Street (formerly The Outpost Café). Earnest could previously be found selling at either a vintage-style Worksman tricycle, different markets, or the local retailers around town.

Times are changing for the better, people.

In addition to being an ice cream shop, the new parlour and café is also acting as a production facility and retail store. You’ll be able to indulge in all the sundaes, ice cream cones, affogatos (stop it you guys, you’re spoiling us now), espressos, and “pour over” coffees from Matchstick. The current hours of operation are 5pm – 10pm every Thursday and 12pm – 10pm every Friday to Sunday.

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