Drinkmaster Hoodie is the Ultimate Winter Party Accessory


Nothing screams “alcoholic” like purchasing a hoodie completely dedicated to making your drinking easier.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce the Drinkmaster Hoodie: The latest fashion item to keep you both warm and full-retard as you get your heavy drink on this winter.

The hoodie is made by Pleepleus and includes booze-storing pockets, a bottle opener zipper and nonslip gloves to keep your hands toasty while you guzzle cold ones.

Drinkmaster Hoodie features:

  • Beer Koozie pocket
  • Bottle opener zipper
  • Built-in drinking gloves with nonslip grip
  • Flask pocket
  • Snappable I.D. pocket
  • Reflective Pleepleus logos
  • Deep pockets
  • High-quality cotton material
  • Lined hood

Not only is it super-functional, but it looks pretty cool too. Plus you’ll be the envy of all your friends with whom you share a drinking problem.

You can purchase your own Drinkmaster Hoodie here [https://missinginkshop.com/zanelamprey/store/drinkmaster-hoodie].

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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