Disappearing Ink: Where to Get Professional (and Affordable) Tattoo Removal in Vancouver

Disappearing Ink: Where to Get Professional (and Affordable) Tattoo Removal in Vancouver

Some people simply grow out of their tattoos. The more unfortunate are completely unhappy with their ink from the jump.

The best news is the cost (and pain) involved with laser tattoo removal isn’t what it used to be. There are lots of tattoo removal places in Vancouver offering competitive rates to send your ink to the depths of tattoo Hell.

Are you a laser tattoo removal clinic not listed here, or do you know of any offering services in the Vancouver area? Let us know in the comments section below.

And people; as the old saying goes, think before you ink. Do your homework and find a credible tattoo shop in Vancouver and the right artist who’ll give you something you’ll love ‘til your old n’ wrinky.

Vancouver Tattoo Removal

This place might be your cheapest option. It’s located at Gastown Tattoo Parlour (oh, the irony) and their rates range from a minimum of $80 per session for a small piece and as much as $175 for a very large piece with use of the MedLite C6 laser.

Unwanted Ink

Unwanted Ink is located in Surrey and offers free consultations before giving you a quote based on colours and the size of your tattoo. Dr. Numb numbing ointment is applied to the area before the treatment.

Pacific Dermasthetics

Pacific Dermasthetics really pushes their “painless” tattoo removal. Anesthetics are injected to freeze the skin before the procedure, which they say is even so pain-free a lot of clients don’t need the injections.

InkOff Laser Tattoo Removal

InkOff opened last summer in the heart of Little Saigon where they use the Cyro 6 cold air device to reduce pain during the Quanta Q-Plus laser treatment.

Electra Laser

Electra Laser offers a variety of skin treatments including Botox injections, laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal in Vancouver. They use the Medicam Evolase TT removal laser for their procedures.

Arbutus Laser Centre

Arbutus uses two different lasers with three different wavelengths that are capable of removing most tattoos.

Reviva Laser Skin Clinic

Reviva offers Vancouver laser tattoo removal procedures with a 2”x 2” black tattoo removal ranging from $80 to $90. Consultations are free.

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