CNE 2012: Top 10 Foods to Look Forward To

CNE 2012: Top 10 Foods to Look Forward To

The 134th CNE opens tomorrow, which used to mean summer is coming to an end but it’s pretty much safe to consider September an official summer month nowadays.

What it means now is that aside from sketchy rides and shady carnies, there will be lots of unnecessarily fatty and fried food to gorge out on.

Each year, the Canadian National Exhibition tries to outdo itself by offering heart-wrenching eats, with this year’s theme based around our crispy, skinny little friend: bacon.

But there’s something for everyone, whether you have more of a sweet tooth or don’t even eat meat (you crazy bastard). Here’s ten of ‘em:

Oink oink

Bacon is the overall theme of this year’s CNE and lots of vendors will be serving up new twists of the Canadian classic so you can pig out on bacon sundaes, bacon and Nutella cones, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bacon-wrapped deep-fried Mars bars (you heard me), bacon popcorn, and more.

Stack’d heart attack sandwich

PULL’D will be making its CNE debut with a meat-filled menu that should bring on some PETA protesters. This includes its signature Stack’d sandwich: pulled pork between three thick red velvet pancakes. The ‘cakes are buttered and doused in Jack Daniels syrup for added itis.

Tiny Tom’s

This is pretty much a staple of the CNE. Cinnamon, chocolate and plain sugar mini donuts. Try slamming down a whole dozen!

Deep-fried fudge

Also for the sweet toothed peeps is deep-fried fudge from the Northwest Fudge Factory. And unlike the CNE’s infamous deep-fried butter, the fudge isn’t coated in a batter for a melt-in-your-mouth gooeyness.


Deep fried mac n’ cheese comes bite-sized, coated in batter with a side of ketchup. If you don’t like the sound of that, you’re just a dick.

Chicken & waffles

Toronto isn’t exactly known for its southern food, so it’ll be nice to try this soul food classic from Epic Burgers and Waffles.

Deep-fried Kool-Aid

Imagine Timbit-like balls, only made of Kool-Aid. Now don’t ask how they did it. Just eat it.

Oh baby, I like it raw

For the non-meat lovers, Vie Raw Food will be serving 100% raw dishes such as their raw taco made from dehydrated corn tortillas, vegan cashew cream and a walnut/red pepper puree. Hipsters rejoice.

Krispy Kreme burger

Last year’s featured item, the Krispy Kreme doughnut burger (it’s just as it sounds), will be making a comeback at Epic Burgers and Waffles.

United Nations of food

Toronto’s ethnic diversity will also be represented at the CNE including Asian-infused Mexican eats at Far East Taco, Lebanese cuisine at Thyme & Olives and gourmet finger foods of Holland at Dutch Frites.

Pete Richards
Pete Richards

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