Beat the Nonexistent Heat Wave at the Outdoor Swimming Pools in Vancouver

Beat the Nonexistent Heat Wave at the Outdoor Swimming Pools in Vancouver

It’s already June but the weather feels more like mid-April. With the 14-day forecast predicting temperatures to barely hit the 20-degree mark, it’s becoming harder to imagine summertime in the city and harder to picture frolicking under the sun.

But that’s going to change soon, right? There’s naturally going to be a heat wave and everyone is going to cram into the outdoor swimming pools and complain about the unbearable heat, right you guys? We can’t stop believing.

That's why we're taking this moment to commence planning for the inevitable day when the temperatures rise and bliss returns to the city of Vancouver. Besides, we’ve even included a couple outdoor swimming pools that are heated if you're impatient. 

Kitsilano Pool
2305 Cornwall Street
(604) 731 0011 

Located right along the beach, the Kitsilano Pool is the only salt-water pool in Vancouver and it's also the longest in Canada. This popular beachfront attraction features three slides, a café and is wheelchair accessible. Open until the first week of September, be sure to soak in the hot summer rays and catch a sunset or two before next thing you know, it's all over.

Second Beach Pool
Stanley Park
(604) 257 8371

Another waterfront attraction is the Second Beach Pool, located at the junction of Stanley Park Drive and North Lagoon Drive. This heated outdoor pool (big plus when transitioning into summer or fall or waiting for summer...) features graduated depths, a cordoned off area for swimming laps, one slide, and a café. Open until September, you can make a day out of it by barbequing or taking a hike at the nearby park.

New Brighton Pool
(604) 298 0222

This heated, outdoor pool situated in East Vancouver may not have the ocean as its neighbor but it does offer a stunning view of the mountains. Enjoy the scenery at New Brighton Pool, which features a leisure pool, a slide and a café (there’s a trend happening here). Open until September, there are plenty of classes and lessons offered at this location to help keep you in shape while enjoying the outdoors.

Hillcrest Aquatic Centre
4575 Clancy Loranger Way
(604) 257 8680

The Hillcrest Aquatic Centre recently opened in the summer of 2010 and is the largest aquatic facility in the city. Located near Queen Elizabeth Park, the center features an indoor and outdoor pool in addition to a fitness center. The outdoor pool features water jets and bubble sprays. The other amenities include a fitness center, sauna, steam room, diving boards, and change rooms.

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