9 Vintage Stores in Vancouver for the Ladies

Vintage shopping in Vancouver is an art form, and since Value Village’s prices are skyrocketing (YEAH, YOU. DON’T THINK I DON’T SEE THAT THIS USED ITEM COSTS THE SAME BRAND NEW) it’s time to revisit the uniquely, distinct secondhand stores that this city has to offer.

Below is just a small selection of thrift stores that provide a curated collection in a friendly, well-organized environment. Because there’s nothing more off-putting than entering a vintage boutique that’s messy with ripped clothing at an outrageous price. Still looking at you Value Village.

3109 Granville Street
(604) 734 5313 

Located on Granville Street, this store is for the diggers and patient browsers that love finding an incredible deal for high-end designer duds. Turnabout is like your great grandmother’s closet that’s stocked with Chanel, Gucci, and Prada and all of her children couldn’t fit into anything so now it’s being passed down to you. Go frolic in the beautiful castaways chosen one. 

The Frock Shoppe
331 Carrall Street
(604) 682 8535 

While the original store Community Thrift and Vintage is being dominated by menswear, the second outlet The Frock Shoppe is now the home to all of its womenswear. Why? Because lady things shouldn’t be touching men things. Anyway, The Frock Shoppe has everything to quench that cute thirst that’s been driving you mad lately – whether it’s shoes, purses, sweaters, or a dress – the selection is in mint condition and prices are practical.

Front & Company
3772 Main Street
(604) 879 8431 

Urban Outfitters loves to claim that it’s stocked with the best gift ideas but you’re better off taking your wallet to somewhere like Front & Company where there are easy present options on hand. Obviously, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and you’ll end up searching the racks for a little pick-me-up for yourself. 

Used House of Vintage
831 Granville Street
(604) 694 0322

If you've a frequent visitor of Granville Street or if you're visiting Vancouver then this hidden gem Used House of Vintage needs to be on your radar. The great thing about this store is that besides the great selection of clothing, it's not uncommon to stumble upon designer vintage that's sensibly priced. When's the last time you were able to say that about a boutique? 

Erin Templeton
511 Carrall Street
(604) 682 2451

If you’ve been on the hunt for a stable leather handbag that won’t fall apart in two mornings (now looking at you Aldo) then you want, nay, need to go to Erin Templeton. The quality of the handbags is unbelievable – made from recycled vintage leatherwear, which only adds to its appeal. If Erin is available make sure to strike up a conversation, she’s quite knowledgeable and helpful in finding the right bag.

Woo Vintage Clothing
4393 Main Street
(604) 687-8200

While some boutiques claim to sell “authentic” vintage apparel, Woo Vintage Clothing isn’t faking it – this store is 100% the real deal. As soon as you step in it really shows how much time the owner has taken in selecting some really incredible pieces – all organized by era nonetheless. The prices are a little more than a typical thrift store but the selection and quality is the reason for that. 

Deluxe Junk Company
310 Cordova Street W
(604) 685 4871

If you’re looking for variety – dresses, shoes, overalls, menswear, hats, jewelry, home décor, etc. – then Deluxe Junk Company is the place to go in Gastown. The pricing is generally appropriate for the quality of the merchandise and the service here is always friendly and knowledgeable. There’s also something to be said about how well organized and clean the store is.

Duchesse Vintage and Such
430 Columbia Street
(604) 558 1850

Duchesse Vintage and Such may carry a collection of men and women’s clothing but what the store is most known for is its décor and array of vintage household items. The small shop carries an assortment of housewares, furniture, and accessories that are reasonably priced.

One of A Few
354 Water Street
(604) 605 0685

This little boutique located in downtown Gastown offers a curated collection of clothing, accessories and shoes – some of the stock is actually exclusive to the store – in a simple and friendly environment. Take a stroll upstairs to a small room housing an incredible collection of vintage clothing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of care and consideration this place has taken.

Zoe Badley
Zoe Badley

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