7 Shoe Stores to Buy Converse in Toronto

7 Shoe Stores to Buy Converse in Toronto

They're not sold everywhere in the city, but there's a decent number of shoe stores to buy Converse in Toronto. And we're not talking Foot Locker, here.

Girls rock 'em. Guys rock 'em. Kids rock 'em. And whether you’re looking to get some cheap Cons, want unique designs or your own custom pair, several Toronto shoe stores specialize in selling Converse and have some kickass selections.

And why not? While so many shoe brands have come and gone, Converse never seems to get old. It’s been around since 1908 and now with things like special editions and custom designs, it’s safe to say they’re as popular as ever.

Of course, you could always hit up Foot Locker but here’s a rundown of other local Toronto shoe stores offering best selections, customs and cheapest Converse shoes.

If you're a sneaker head, know someone who loves Converse shoes in Toronto or are a firm supporter of any of the stores listed, like and share this page to help spread the word. This list is by no means complete, so if you know somewhere else to buy Converse in Toronto that was somehow not mentioned in this post, check out the place suggestion below and feel free to let us know!

7 Shoe Stores to Buy Converse
  • Capsule

    69 Yorkville Avenue , Toronto

    Yorkville’s Capsule calls itself a sneaker “boutique” and carries unique limited sneakers by Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Vans, New Balance, and Converse. This is the place to go if you’re looking for some Cons no one else has, although you might want to check online to see which sizes and designs are in stock.

  • Getoutside

    437 Queen Street West , Toronto

    Getoutside’s flagship store on Queen West is actually two separate shops right next to each other. Both stores carry a nice selection of hard-to-find brands as well as Converse shoes in Toronto at decent prices.

  • Adrift Skateshop

    116 Spadina Avenue , Toronto

    Located at Richmond and Spadina, Adrift is loaded with skate clothes and shoes including a decent selection of converse. They’ve also got an entire wall dedicated to skate decks.

  • Groovy

    323 Queen Street , Toronto

    Located right next to So Hip it Hurts (which doesn’t carry Converse) on Queen West, Groovy has a nice selection of sneakers in-store including Cons and other brands. It’s a small store, but they really pack ‘em in and prices are pretty fair.

  • With other locations already in the GTA, the SVP (Si Vous Play) Sports Queen Street Premium Outlet opened in February 2012. SVP offers 20% - 60% off sneakers and sports apparel every day with super-competitive prices, so if you’re looking for discounted Converse this is a good spot to check.

  • Livestock

    G1-116 Spadina Avenue , Toronto

    Livestock carries a lot of Converse at decent prices as well, plus a whole lot of other brands and clothing items if you’re looking to buy more than just new kicks.

  • Shoe Tree on Yonge

    352 Yonge Street , Toronto

    Shoe Tree on Yonge might not look like much from the outside, but inside the cramped little store is literally filled to the brim with all different shoe brands and always has a nice selection Converse with some pretty decent prices.

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